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Wood Recycling Solution for French Customers

In order to maximize the value of wood resources, French customers contact Beston for wood recycling solutions. Beston Group offers BST-05 wood charcoal machine and exported this machine to French last month. Read on for details.

BST-05 Wood Charcoal Making Machine Exported to France
BST-05 Wood Charcoal Making Machine Exported to France

Background of Wood Recycling Solution

This customer owns a conventional charcoal machine, in order to expand the production, the customer decides to invest in a charcoal machine with the latest technology. Since this client is also engaged in environmental protection related industries, he understands our strengths and services and believes in us very much. Beston Solution Manager provides the customer with a standard BST-05 wood charcoal machine, equipped with a condensing system. French customers are also very interested in the BST-10 stainless steel charcoal machine, and they said they would consider purchasing this equipment if they want to expand production in the future.

Our cooperation is very pleasant, the customer has a stable source of raw materials, and they are ready to use the produced charcoal for soil remediation. Beston also assists customers with customs clearance and installation. Customers are very satisfied with our service.

Shipping Details of BST-05 Wood Charcoal Machine to French

Shipping Details of BST-05 Wood Charcoal Machine to French

Application of Biochar in Soil Improvement

Biochar is considered as “soil conditioner“. Applying an appropriate amount of biochar can improve the pH of acidic soils, alleviate soil acidification, and promote the precipitation and adsorption of heavy metals in soils. In addition, biochar plays an important role in soil nutrient retention, which can significantly improve soil fertility in the tillage layer, increase soil organic carbon content, and improve the carbon-nitrogen ratio. Investing in Beston biomass carbonization plant for your business is a wise choice!

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