Waste Sorting Plant

Waste sorting plant from Beston is available with different sizes from 100 ton to 400 ton per day. It is suitable for sieving all types of municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste, and mining waste. After sorting, the recyclable materials can be used for further processing. The MSW sorting plant is good for the environment and it also brings investors great economic interests.

We have different sizes of waste sorting equipment to meet different requirements of customers. The daily capacity ranges from 100 to 400 ton. Moreover, the waste separation rate is higher than 85%. Here are more parameters for your reference.

Waste Sorting Plant Design
Waste Sorting Plant Design
Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste, and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149kw 224.7kw 279kw
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours

Main Equipment of Beston Waste Sorting System

In order to maximize the waste separation rate, we adopt mature waste sorting technology and effective rubbish sorting machine. Below is the main equipment we employ.

Plate Feeder & Uniform Distribution Machine

This is the first feeding system. We use the plate feeder and uniform distribution machine to place the waste evenly on the conveyor belt to keep the waste sorting system run normally and efficiently. Moreover, we use fully-sealed conveyor to protect workers from the odor. The fully-sealed belt conveyor is also widely used in our pyrolysis plant.

Uniform Distribution Machine of Waste Sorting Machine
Uniform Distribution Machine

Manual Sorting Platform & Bag Breaker

At the end of the feeding system, there is a manual sorting platform where workers will pick up the large solid wastes, such as quilts, tree trunks, long sticks, brick stone, etc. In fact, we design another three manual sorting platforms in the whole waste sorting line, which can improve the separation rate and prolong the service life. After that, there is a bag breaker to tear the bags automatically to improve working efficiency.

Manual Sorting Platform
Manual Sorting Platform
Bag Breaker of Waste Sorting Line
Bag Breaker

Rotary Screening Machine & Winnowing Machine

Rotary screening machine is a place where the waste materials are separated by size. While we use the winnowing machine to sort the waste materials by weight. The part which is larger than 50 mm will be further processed by comprehensive winnowing machine. Then we can get light waste (paper, plastic bags, etc.), heavy waste materials (bricks, stones, tiles, glass, etc.) and secondary heavy waste materials (hard waste plastic, waste rubber, etc.). Meanwhile, we also use magnetic separators to sort the metal out during transferring. After that, the parts smaller than 50 mm can be used to make natural fertilizer.

Rotary Screening Machine of waste sorting system
Rotary Screening Machine
Winnowing Machine of MSW sorting plant
Winnowing Machine

Details of Waste Sorting Plant

Feeding System

Now Beston has two different feeding systems with double decks and a negative layer to choose from. Our engineers will design the layout of your waste sorting plant according to your space and terrain conditions. In order to keep workers and nearby residents from odor, the feeding system is fully automatic with the use of fully-sealed conveyor belts.

Feeding System of garbage sorting machine
Feeding System

Packing System

After sorting, there is an automatic packing machine to pack the end products respectively, such as plastic, waste rubber, paper, cans, etc. Then you can choose different further processing equipment according to your needs, such as rubber pyrolysis machine. Of course, you can sell these products directly.

Why You Should Buy Waste Sorting Plant in Thailand

Waste sorting is the first important part of waste management. Many countries, including Thailand, are disposing of wastes by land-filling, open burning or dumping. In Thailand, only 22% of the 30 million tonnes of solid waste were separated and sent to recycling centres. Worse more, most dumping sites in Thailand are overloaded and out of service. That is to say, it is urgent and necessary to set up MSW sorting plant in Thailand.

Waste Sorting Machine for Sale
Waste Sorting Machine to Hungary

Moreover, according to the existing recycling program in Nonthaburi, approximately 373 million baht ($12.5 million) can be expected as annual net earnings. It is proved that waste management in Thailand is also profitable. Well, rubbish sorting machine can be the first step. If you are interested in this lucrative project, or the furthering processing plant, such as pyrolysis plant or charcoal production plant, please contact us now! We will supply you with quality equipment, customized business plan, and full-service system.

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