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Waste Pyrolysis Plant in the Philippines

Beston exported two pyrolysis reactors to the Philippines last October. They are a BLJ-16 semi-continuous reactor and a BLL-20 continuous pyrolysis machine. Also, our customer chose the latest “three-in-one” condensing system. This pyrolysis plant in the Philippines will be used to process waste tires and rubber. Below are some shipping pictures.

BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant to the Philippines
BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant to the Philippines
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
BLL-20 Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Three-in-one Condensing System
Three-in-one Condensing System

In fact, Beston Group also helped many pyrolysis projects in various countries, such as the UK, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, etc. Our pyrolysis plant aims to recycle waste tire, rubber products, and oil sludge into something useful without pollution. We are looking forward to cooperating more customers with their waste management business. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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