Warmly Welcome Burundi Customers Came to Beston Group in 2023

On February 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming Burundi customers to visit Beston Group. Beston solution managers and engineers led customers to visit the factory and introduced carbonization machines in detail. Besides, we did experiments on the samples brought. Here are more details about this visit.

Burundi Customers Came to Beston in 2023

Details of Burundi Customers Visited Beston Group

Burundi Customers’ Requirements

Burundi customers brought local peat to test the carbonizaion effect. The aim is to realize smokeless combustion of the final charcoal.

Peat can be used as a source of fuel and as a soil conditioner, so it may have some value in the country. Additionally, peatlands can provide important ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and water regulation, so the preservation of peatlands is important for the environment.

What’s more, Beston carbonization machine is able to produce biochar/charcoal that burned without smoke and smell. This kind of biochar is of great value on the market. Burundi customers seize this opportunity to develop their businesses. We belive this project will gain great success!

Peat for Carbonization

What Did Beston Do During This Visit?

lead Burundi customers to visit factory of carbonization machines and test the sample (peat that Burundi customers brought). Throughout the testing process, Beston solution managers and engineers answered any questions professionally and provideed guidance on peat carbonization for their specific needs. Burundi customers were impressed by the level of expertise and knowledge our team had.

At the end of the visit, Burundi customers expressed their gratitude and excitement for the cooperation with Beston Group. They were impressed by the quality and versatility of our products and were eager to place their first order.

Burundi Customers and Beston Team

Achievements of Burundi Customers’ Visit to Beston Group

Overall, the visit from Burundi customers was a great success. It was an opportunity for us to showcase our products and expertise, and it was a chance for the customers to learn about the benefits of peat and how it can be used in different applications. We look forward to working with these customers and to expanding our reach into new markets.

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