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Tyre Recycling Solution in Azerbaijan – BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant

Due to high-quality pyrolysis plant and perfect service system, Beston Group has accumulated a good reputation and becomes also the preferred supplier for many customers to purchase pyrolysis equipment. Recently, Beston provided tyre recycling solution for customers in Azerbaijan. This customer purchased two sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plants. The complete set of equipment is shipped to Azerbaijan by the end of November 2022.

BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant to Azerbaijan
Shipment of BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant to Azerbaijan

Cooperation Details of BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant to Azerbaijan

Customer Request

Customers from Azerbaijan got in touch with Beston after being introduced by customers from Kazakhstan. Azerbaijan customers have high requirements for raw material handling. They requested a complete tire recycling and tire pyrolysis oil manufacturing solution.

In addition, the main purpose of the Azerbaijani customer to carry out this project is to produce pyrolysis fuel oil for sale.

Beston Solution

After understanding the raw materials of the customer in Azerbaijan in detail, Beston project manager equipped the customer with a hydraulic feeding system on the basis of the standard configuration. This equipment can process the tires into the optimum size for the incoming material.

Besides, Beston project manager introduced the process of manufacturing high-quality pyrolysis oil to customers in detail, and also provided technical support documents such as 3D layout diagrams and circuit diagrams cooperated with the after-sales department.

Shipment of BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant to Azerbaijan

After confirming the contract with the Azerbaijani customer, the Beston factory immediately started production as required. More than 500 skilled workers work hard in the factory to ensure delivery on time. When the production of tyre pyrolysis machine is completed, the quality management department checks the details as required to ensure that it is correct before delivering it to the customer. The Beston delivery department provides customers with the latest information the first moment when it leaves the factory and is shipped to Azerbaijan.

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