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Successfully Install Thermal Desorption Unit in 2023

Good news! Beston successfully installed a BLJ-16 thermal desorption unit  in September 2023. This customer uses the machine to process oil sludge, a waste product from crude oil processing. The machine is installed starting in August 2023. At present, the installation is basically completed. The customer is very satisfied after accepting the project. Please keep reading for more details.


Beston Provides Considerate Installation Guidance to This Customer

We provide technical support to the customer throughout the project. Before transporting the oil sludge pyrolysis plant to the installation site, we guide the customer in the civil construction.  Therefore, the machine can get higher installation efficiency. While installing the machine on-site, our engineers maintain close communication with the customer. Therefore, our technical team can solve the problems during the installation process in time. Such a considerate installation solution satisfies the customer. Below are pictures of the installation site.


Beston After-sale Service Contributes Long-term Success of Customer

After the installation of the thermal desorption system is completed, we assist the customer in the trial operation of the machine. During this process, our engineers assist in checking the problems in each system of the machine.
For example:

  • Whether the oil yield after the pyrolysis of sludge as expected?
  • Whether the equipment solve safety hazards?
  • Whether the final emissions comply with local emission standards?

After ensuring everything is going well, we assist the customer in inspecting and accepting the machine. What’s more, Beston Group’s high-quality after-sales service ensures the smooth progress of the customer projects:

  • Assist customers with machine debugging and production;
  • Help customers train professional pyrolysis project operation teams;
  • Conduct production site troubleshooting for customers;
  • Provide spare parts to customers for life.

Below are photos from the project site for your reference.


Video of Thermal Desorption Unit in Installation Site

After accepting the entire project, the customer provides us with a full-view video of the factory.

If you also want to invest in the recycling of industrial oily hazardous waste recycling, please feel free to consult us.  Our project consultants will provide solutions based on your expectations. Just leave your contact information!

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