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Small Egg Tray Making Machine

If you have a limited budget and want to start egg tray production, Beston newly developed small egg tray making machine is very suitable for you.

Raw materials for egg tray production are mainly waste paper and water. If you want to make egg trays in your area, you must first collect enough waste paper including waste cartons, waste books, waste newspaper, old magazine, book leftovers, recycled and used egg trays and other kinds of waste paper.

Beston Small Egg Tray Making Machine
Small Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston Small Egg tray Making Machine for Sale

Our small egg tray machines such as BTF1-3 (1000pcs/h) and BTF1-4 (1500pcs/h) are the two models that customers choose most. Because they have low price and high work efficiency.

Beston egg tray machines have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, including Poland, Peru, Ghana, Russia, Spain, the Philippines, Zambia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Botswana, Colombia, Bolivia, Kazakhstan and many other countries and regions. We provide services to customers all over the world.

1000pcs Egg Tray Making Machine to Nigeria
1000pcs Egg Tray Making Machine to Nigeria
1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to Peru
1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to Peru
1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to the Philippines
1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to the Philippines

BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine to Ghana
BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine to Ghana
BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine to India
BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine to India
BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine to the US
BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine to the US

Price of a Small Egg Tray Machine

Small paper egg tray making machine price at Beston starts at $10,500.

If you compare carefully, you will find that Beston prices are very competitive in the market. Under the same conditions, Beston egg tray equipment applies more exclusive research and development technology, personally considers customers and can achieve ideal production results. If you prefer low prices, you are very likely to get machines with poor quality. Then the maintenance costs you will spend later are not only a waste of money but also a waste of time.

Cote d'Ivoire Customers Choose Beston
Cote d’Ivoire Customers Choose Beston
Affordable Egg Tray Machine and Customers
Affordable Egg Tray Machine and Customers

What Are the Advantages Besides Price

Save Energy

The vacuum forming part and drying line have been upgraded dozens of times and have reached the best energy-saving effect in the industry. In addition, the main raw materials of pulp egg tray machine are only waste paper and water. Waste paper is available at low prices in many countries. Beston engineers also specially designed water-saving system. During the forming step, excess water in the wet egg tray will be stored in the pool and ready for the next production. The entire production process achieves the rational use of resources. This kind of egg tray manufacturing will not harm the environment.

Smooth Operation

The most important thing for a machine is whether the running state is stable. Stable equipment can save a lot of follow-up maintenance costs. Beston small egg tray machine has been tested in a number of places. Basically it can achieve zero error and zero maintenance rate. All these are because Beston accessories are well-known brands, with quality assurance and ISO certifications.

Durable in Use

We have made waterproof and moisture-proof measures at the pipe joints to extend the service life. Generally speaking, the service life of each machine is about 8-10 years. If you need to replace the wearing parts in the future, please contact Beston immediately, we will provide you with the greatest discount.

Multiple Choices

In Beston, you can freely choose the accessories according to your actual needs. Such as plastic molds or aluminum molds, natural air drying or automatic drying. Besides, this machine allows you to produce egg cartons/boxes/crates, fruit trays, coffee cup trays and other pulp packaging products to expand your business scope.

Plastic And Aluminium Molds
Plastic And Aluminium Molds
Natural Drying System for Small Machine
Natural Drying System
Automatic Drying System
Automatic Drying System

Models of Small Egg Tray Machines for Sale

The output of this egg tray machines is generally 1000 pcs/h to 2500 pcs/h. Customers with small production needs can choose from this range. Of course, we also provide you with equipment with larger output to support you to develop large-scale production business.

If you think that none of these models can meet your needs, please leave a message on this website immediately. We will arrange a designer to provide you with one-to-one service and customize an egg tray plant that suits you best.

Forming Mould Quantity34
Total Power33kw42-61kw
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-6
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h
Fuel Consumption (Brick Drying)Coal50kg60kg
Natural Gas22-32m³/h26-36m³/h
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas20-30m³/h20-30m³/h

Cost-benefit Analysis of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine

The benefit is one of the most important parts that customers are concerned about. Here we provide a cost-benefit analysis report for your reference. And we take BTF1-3 egg tray machine for example. (This report is for reference. Contact Beston now to get your exclusive economic analysis report!)

BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine Profit Analysis
Daily Raw Material Consumption (10hours/d)
ItemsConsumptionUnit PriceCost/D
Waste Paper85KG*10$25/T$21.25
Workers3 Workers/D*10$2.53/H$75.90
Natural Gas32KG*10$4.43/T$1.42
Power34KW*10$0.12 / KWH$40.80
Other Cost$10/D
Total Cost$165.56
Unit Price$0.05
Net Income$334.44/D
Monthly Income (25 days/m)$8361/M
Annual Income$100,332/Y

How Does the Small Egg Tray Machine Work?

Before you start making egg trays, you need to make sure that you have enough egg tray raw materials (waste paper and water) and production sites. If you do not know how to estimate the specific site area, please contact Beston to develop a business plan for you.

  • Pulping: Pour the prepared waste paper and water into the pulping system at a ratio of 3:1. After 40 minutes of stirring, a uniform pulp will be obtained. Equipped with pulp fine crushing equipment (additional equipment) in this part can further refine the pulp and process a variety of paper raw materials.
  • Forming: The stirred pulp is adsorbed to the mold by vacuum suction, molded into the shape of the product, and removes excess water.
  • Drying: Wet egg trays need to go through high temperatures to evaporate the water. If your area has high temperatures all year round, you can choose to put the wet egg trays outside to dry naturally. We also provide an automatic drying system, which is not restricted by weather and venues. Please refer to the webpage for details.
  • Packaging: Since it can produce thousands of egg trays per hour, Beston specially provides customers with egg tray packaging equipment. It can quickly package the egg trays produced for you, and it also has a counting function.
3D Layout of Beston Egg Tray Making Machine
3D Layout of Beston Egg Tray Machine

After-sale Service of Beston

Beston’s after-sales service is praised by many customers.

We have a factory covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters and more than 500 employees. We can quickly start production after confirming the order, ensuring that the production is completed within the delivery period.

After the machine arrives in your area, the Beston engineer is responsible for guiding the installation. Due to the severe epidemic situation, Beston also introduced a variety of online and offline guidance methods. The purpose is to ensure that customers can successfully install and complete the use. And we will provide free training to your employees to ensure safe production. One-stop service is more at ease for you. You can interact with us on Facebook.

Beston Factory
Beston Factory

Is Small Egg Tray Machine Really Practical?

The egg tray machine also belongs to pulp molding equipment, and the same machine can be used to produce egg boxes, apple trays, coffee trays, shoe trays and other pulp packaging products according to the changes of the mold. With this pulp molding equipment, you can expand the scope of production and operation and earn more profits.

In addition to economic benefits, the social environmental benefits. Waste paper is a headache in many countries. With this machine, you can recycle waste paper and improve local environment.

Application of Small Egg Tray Making Machine
Application of Small Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston egg tray machines have always been very popular. If you want to develop egg tray production, please contact Beston immediately.

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