Skid Mounted Pyrolysis System

Skid mounted pyrolysis system is mounted before delivery, which is free of installation. Also, a 1*40HQ container is enough for delivery. Besides, you just need small floor space, say, L11*W2.2*H2.4 m3. Due to the mini size, it is very affordable. But it can process 0.5 to 3 tons of raw materials per batch, including old tires, plastic waste, oil sludge, medical waste, etc. Below are more parameters for your reference. If you need the mini pyrolysis plant, please feel free to contact us.

Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Machine
Design of Beston Mini Pyrolysis Plant
Model BLJ-3
Feeding Capacity 1-3 T/batch (plastic≤0.5t, tire ≤2t, oil sludge ≤3t)
Reactor Size Φ1400*5000*16 mm
Floor Area L11000*W2200*H2400 mm
Reactor Pattern Rotary Working Method Batch
Base Style Movable Total Power 15 kW
Raw Materials Waste Tyre, Plastic, Rubber, Oil Sludge, Medical Waste, etc.
Fuel Coal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Service Life 3-5Years

Features of Skid Mounted Pyrolysis System

Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Machine
  • Ready to use. There are almost no construction works for installation.
  • Small scale. You need less feedstock on site and small floor space.
  • Affordable price. The mini pyrolysis plant price is as low as USD 29,000.
  • Modular design and movable base, which make it easy to transport.
  • Wide application. It can be used to process waste plastic, old tires, rubber products, medical waste, and oil sludge.
  • Self-sufficient system. The skid-mounted pyrolysis system recycles the combustible gas produced during pyrolysis as heating fuel to lower fuel costs.
  • Simple to operate. The pyrolysis process is automated. Generally, a worker can run the plant easily.

Target Customers

1. Small scale investors, who have a limited budget or space.

2. To someone who has limited raw materials to process.

3. If you are new to this project, it is low-risk to invest in.

4. Someone who has to process waste materials for waste reduction purposes.

5. If you have to transfer your workshops frequently, it is convenient to transport.

Here is a test run video of the Beston skid-mounted pyrolysis machine for your reference.

Applicable Raw Materials & End Products

Raw Materials & End Products
Raw Material Main Product By-products
Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Steel wire, Carbon black, Combustible gas
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil Carbon black, Combustible gas
Rubber Pyrolysis Oil Carbon black, Combustible gas
Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Oil Sand, Water
Medical Waste Pyrolysis Oil Carbon black, Combustible gas

How Does the Mini Pyrolysis Plant Work?

The skid-mounted pyrolysis system is batch design, which means it processes waste materials batch by batch. Let’s take the medical waste pyrolysis system for example to review the working process briefly.


Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Process

1. Pre-treatment

If you use medical waste as raw material, you need a sterilization system to make sure it is safe to process. It is optional to employ a dryer to make the water content less than 15%, which can improve the oil yield.

2. Pyrolysis Process

Then feed the prepared raw materials into the reactor. It takes about 0.5 to 1.5 hours. After feeding, it’s time to heat for pyrolysis. About 1 hour later, the combustible gas will be generated to heat the reactor instead of fuel. As the temperature rises up, you can get oil and carbon black. At the 5th hour, the pyrolysis process will be finished.

3. Discharging

Then it needs 8 to 9 hours to cool down and 1 hour to discharge. Totally, the whole process from feeding to discharging takes about 15 hours. Beston also customizes a water cooling system to make the discharging process cleaner and more efficient.

4. De-dusting

There is a de-dusting system, including fuel condenser, spray tower, chimney, etc. to purify the exhaust gas. You can also customize this system according to your local environmental policy.

How Can Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant Make Money?

1. Rich Cheap Raw Materials

You can find various raw materials, which are cheap or even free to get, including old tires, rubber conveyor belts, waste plastic, oil sludge, medical waste, etc.

2. Various Marketable End Products

Through the pyrolysis process, we can get pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire (for tire recycling only), and combustible gas. All of them can be sold or used directly. For example, pyrolysis oil sells well as fuel to heavy industries, such as cement plants. While carbon black is also a kind of low-quality fuel. More than that, it can be blended with asphalt to make roads, etc.

Use of Pyrolysis Oil
Uses of Carbon Black

3. Government Subsidies

Pyrolysis project is good for the environment. Environmental projects are often free of tax. More than that, some governments have financial supports for these projects, for example, South Africa, Brazil, etc.

4. Affordable Cost

The skid-mounted pyrolysis plant itself is more affordable to invest in. Comparatively speaking, it is of lower risks. Besides, Beston uses Q245r steel to make the reactor, which makes it durable to use. To some extent, it can lower your investment cost. So it makes it possible for small-scale investors to start their business from a mini pyrolysis machine.

Customer Visit Beston Factory
Customers from Australia In Beston Factory


Skid mounted pyrolysis system is low-cost and low-risk to invest in. Also, you can get the machine in 30 working days once you place the order. Besides, it is ready to use when you receive it without construction works. More than that, Beston offers a year of free warranty and quality spare parts. So you can trust us. If you want a mini pyrolysis machine for business, please contact Beston for details.

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