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Shisha Charcoal Making Machine

Beston shisha charcoal making machine is used to make shisha charcoal from all kinds of waste biomass. Compared with other machines, Beston shisha charcoal machine solves your problem fundamentally. You can use this line to compress carbon powder into various geometries such as discs, cylinders, spheres, convex, concave and more. More and more people tend to use more natural and healthier shisha charcoal in their lives for a more pleasant experience. Find out now how Beston can help you make high-end hookah charcoal.

Use Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machine to Make Hookah from Waste Biomass
Use Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machine to Make Hookah from Waste Biomass

What Is Shisha Charcoal Making Machine?

Shisha charcoal is also called hookah, Nargile, and hubble-bubble charcoal in different countries and areas. Beston hookah machine takes waste biomass as raw materials. Firstly the biomass will be turned into biochar, then the charcoal molding line will mold final biochar into many different shapes.

Use This Machine to Make High-Quality Shisha Charcoal

The main use of shisha charcoal is to heat the hookah to produce smoke, and it is an excellent substitute for tobacco. For the health of users, hookah charcoal must have the characteristics of high hardness, low ash content and easy ignition. Beston shisha charcoal machines fully meet the needs of customers to manufacture this high-quality shisha charcoal. Each piece of shisha charcoal made with the Beston shisha charcoal equipment can burn for 40-60 minutes.

Different Shapes of Shisha Charcoal
Different Shapes of Shisha Charcoal
Production of Shisha Charcoal
Production of Shisha Charcoal
Use of Shisha Charcoal
Use of Shisha Charcoal

About Raw Materials for Making Shisha Charcoal

Since shisha charcoal is closely related to human health, the common raw materials for making shisha charcoal are various fruit shells and wood. For example: coconut shells, palm kernel shells, bamboo, nut shells…

According to the user feedback, when they are using shisha charcoal made from the above raw materials, there is a sense of fragrance and sweetness. So if you’re looking for making shisha charcoal, it’s better to choose the mentioned raw materials.

Coconut Shell
Coconut Shell
Apple Wood for Making Shisha Charcoal
Apple Wood
Bamboo for making Shisha Charcoal
Various Nutshells
Various Nutshells

What is the Best Charcoal for Shisha?

As you will see, many users report a better experience with hookah charcoal made with coconut shell charcoal. Because coconut shell hookah charcoal is smokeless and tasteless, and the burning time is longer than other fruit charcoal. This shisha charcoal also has a hint of sweetness, which is very pleasant to use.

If you are planning to use waste coconut shells to make shisha charcoal, Beston is willing to offer sincere service.

Use Waste Coconut Shells to Make Shisha Charcoal
Use Waste Coconut Shells to Make Shisha Charcoal

How to Make Shisha Charcoal from Waste Biomass?

Processing raw materials: The most primitive raw material for making hookah charcoal is coconut husk and rice husk biomass. The Beston hookah charcoal production line has special drying and crushing machines, which process the raw materials to a moisture content of less than 15% and a size of less than 20mm, which is convenient for later charcoal powder molding.

Carbonization: The raw material is fed into the carbonization furnace using an automatic feeder. After 15-25 minutes, various raw materials will be made into biochar.

Forming: In this process, Beston provides you with buffer silo + double shaft mixer + screw conveyor + wheel mill + binder feeder + forming machine to make hookah charcoal.

Packaging of Hookah Charcoal

Generally, boxed shisha charcoal is used, so the packaged shisha charcoal is not easy to wear. If the bag should consider the quality of the finished product and the wear of the edges and corners, the flakes are relatively easier to wear.

Different Types of Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machines

From all kinds of waste biomass to high quality shisha charcoal, Beston Group provides a full range of solutions. Refer to the table below to choose the appropriate hookah charcoal maker according to your own situation. The fastest way to get a quote is to leave a comment on this page and tell us as much about the project as possible.

Batch Shisha Charcoal Machine

Models: BST-J12, BST-J18, BST-J40;

Feature: need cooling time after per production;

Feeding: about 20cm block materials;

Batch Biochar Machine

Skid-mounted Shisha Charcoal Machine

Model: BST-05 PRO;

Feature: small and portable;

Feeding: diameter ≤ 2cm; water content ≤ 15%;

Skid Mounted Biochar Machine

Continuous Shisha Charcoal Machine

Models: BST-10, BST-30, BST-50;

Feature: highly effective;

Feeding: diameter ≤ 2cm; water content ≤ 15%.

Continuous Biochar Machine

ModelBST-J12BST-J18BST-J40BST-05 Pro (skid-mounted)BST-10BST-30BST-50
Input Capacity12m³/batch18m³/batch40m³/batch0.3-0.5m³/h2-4m³/h7-9m³/h10-15m³/h
Reactor Sizeφ1900mm*L4500mmφ1900mm*L6600mmφ2800mm*L7100mmφ830mm*L5500mmφ1300mm*L14051mmφ1700mm*L14180mmφ2000mm*L14260mm
Land for Equipment (L*W*H, Standard Configuration)9m*6m*6m12m*6m*7m15m*18m*7m10m*8m*3.9m29m*15m*5m30m*15m*8m35m*18m*9m
Weight (Standard Configuration)18T22T34T15T32T35T49T
Energy Consumption (Standard Configuration)11kw/h13.5kw/h25kw/h31kw/h34.7kw/h61.5kw/h116kw/h
Working MethodBatchFully continuous
Feeding Requirement/Size: ≤20mm; moisture: ≤15%; strong liquidity
StructureHorizontal rotationDouble barrel single hearthDouble barrel double hearth
Control MethodControl by buttonsPLC control
Reactor MaterialQ245RQ245+310S
PressureMicro negative pressure
Heating MaterialDiesel, natural gas, heavy oil, biomas, etc.
Heating MethodDirect heating
Noise (dB)≤80
CondenserCirculating water cooling
Rotation MethodExternal gear rotation

About Shisha Charcoal Molding System

Shisha Charcoal Tablet Press

The mold size is between φ15-φ50mm. The hookah charcoal tablet pressing machine punches 40 times per minute, 9-12 pieces each time, and punches about 20,000 pieces per hour.

Stamping Carbon Rod Machine

Punching 40 times per minute, 3 pieces each time, can punch square, hexagonal, cylindrical, and various carbon rods with a length of not more than 8cm.

Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machine and Molding Line
Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machine – Mold Charcoal Powder to Shisha Charcoal

Advantages of Beston Shisha Charcoal Making Machine

Before making shisha charcoal, the raw material has been dried. Beston is equipped with a dryer that reduces moisture by 30%. If the raw material has a high moisture content, you can ask Beston for multiple dryers. Dried shisha charcoal will not be damaged by moisture.

After each production, clean up the residual carbon powder in the equipment in time, and the added adhesive will cause uneven discharge for a long time.

You can see more details of Beston hookah charcoal making machine on YouTube.

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