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Shipping BST-50 Biomass Charcoal Making Machine to Thailand

Recently, a set of BST-50 biomass charcoal making machine has been shipped to Thailand. The Thailand customer finds Beston Group through a Google search. Impressed by our products, the customer finally orders this machine to recycle biomass and produce charcoal to lower fuel costs. Now let’s learn about the project details!

Shipping BST-50 Biomass Charcoal Making Machine to Thailand
Shipping BST-50 Biomass Charcoal Making Machine to Thailand

Information on Biomass Charcoal Making Machine in Thailand  

Model: BST-50 biomass charcoal making machine with a dryer;

Capacity: 5 tons/h;

Raw materials: biomass (including wood chips, rice husks, sugarcane leaves, and bamboo);

Source of raw material: nearby farms;

End product: charcoal;

Additional accessories: UPS, a voltage stabilizer, and a third-stage water-cooling system for slag extraction.

Production/Shipment Arrangement

Port of shipment: Qingdao Port, China;

Production date: 2 months;

Shipment date: April 5, 2023;

Delivery date: April 15, 2023;

Expected installation form: On-site guidance installation.

BST-50 Biomass Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Thailand
Shipping BST-50 Carbonization Machine to Thailand

Solution That Beston Group Provides for the Thailand Customer

During the communication process, the Thailand customer attaches great importance to the grinding performance of charcoal. To satisfy the Thailand customer’s needs, Beston Group gathers extensive information and provides comprehensive data for the customer, which makes customers feel at ease about the excellent grinding performance of the charcoal produced by the carbonization machine.

Clear communication and reliable information resolve this customer’s doubts and further strengthen the trust in Beston Group. Consequently, the Thailand Customer has been deeply impressed by Beston Group’s service and expressed a desire to establish a long-term partnership with Beston Group.

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