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Ship Pulp Molding Machine to Mexico: Making Fruit Tray

Here comes the shipment news! A set of BTF4-4 pulp molding machine is shipped to Mexico successfully. The machine takes approximately one month to arrive at the customer’s port in Mexico. The Mexican customer has previously established successful cooperation with Beston Group. Therefore, the entire project is progressing quite smoothly this time. Below is detailed information for the entire project for your reference.

Ship Pulp Molding Machine to Mexico in 2024

Basic Information on Pulp Molding Machine Shipped to Mexico

To expand the production scale, this Mexican customer intends to add a new product line, apple tray production. Due to previous successful cooperation experience, this customer chooses Beston Group as the manufacturer of the paper tray making machine. Here is basic information about this machine:

  • Machine Model: BTF4-4;
  • Working Output: 2000 pieces/hour;
  • Optional Accessories: customized molds;
  • Raw Material: waste paper from procurement;
  • End Product: apple fruit tray for sale;
  • Shipment Time: January 2024;
  • Shipping Schedule: estimated 30 days.
Delivery of BTF4-4 Pulp Molding Equipment to Mexico
Shipment of BTF4-4 Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Mexico

Why Does the Mexican Customer Establish Long-term Cooperation with Us?

This Mexican customer has been engaged in the breeding and agricultural product packaging industry for many years. As the scale of production expands, this customer has also been looking for long-term partners to provide equipment support. After working with Beston Group for the first time, the Mexican customer thinks we’re trustworthy. Here are the main reasons why this customer chose us:

Comprehensive Production Line

Beston Group’s pulp molding equipment has a comprehensive product system. This meets the Mexican customer’s needs for various volumes. Taking the egg tray machine as an example, our various models of machines can meet the production capacity from 2500pcs/h to 9000pcs/h. In addition, Due to the powerful mold processing technology, we can produce a variety of molds for pulp molding products. Mold types include egg trays, egg boxes, coffee trays, fruit trays, seedling trays, etc. The wide selection ensures this Mexican customer’s product line expansion.

Integrated Solution

Each stage of the project is coordinated by corresponding departments. This was exactly what gave this Mexican customer peace of mind. Customers have professionals to provide support at key nodes such as plan formulation, equipment production, delivery, and installation. This not only effectively promotes the progress of the project, but also quickly solves the problem of this Mexican customer.

2000 PCS per Hour Pulp Molding Machine in Mexico

Work with Beston Group

When this pulp molding machine is officially put into production in Mexico, we will update the relevant information in time. If you want to start a pulp molding business, please contact us. We provide solutions for tray production. What’s more, we have supporting equipment for industrial packaging and tableware production. Leave your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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