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Ship BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil in 2023

Recently, Beston Group ships a set of BST-50 charcoal making machine to Brazil smoothly. From the production of the machine to its final shipment, we maintain close communication with the Brazilian customer. This ensures that the machine’s delivery proceeds as planned. Below are some on-site pictures of the shipping process for your reference. If you would like to learn more about this project, please continue reading.

Ship BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil

BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine – Options for Large-Scale Charcoal Production in Brazil

In our early-stage project discussions, we learn that the Brazilian customer has a substantial amount of eucalyptus wood and bamboo to process. Therefore, he requires a solution that can handle biomass in large quantities. We recommend the BST-50 charcoal maker machine to this Brazilian customer. This machine has a processing capacity of 10-15m³/h. Additionally, its fully automatic feeding and slag discharging ensure continuous production. It promotes the efficiency of charcoal production. Our Brazilian customer is highly satisfied with our solution. If you also seek a customized solution for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shipment of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil
Delivery of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil

Market Potential of Charcoal Making Project in Brazil

This Brazilian customer is planning to sell the charcoal directly. He places great importance on the prospects of charcoal production in Brazil. Brazil boasts abundant natural resources, especially vast forests, and forestry residues. It contributes to the enormous charcoal market potential. The high combustion efficiency of charcoal makes it a crucial component in Brazil’s industrial fuel sector. Furthermore, the country’s thriving barbecue culture drives demand for high-quality barbecue charcoal. Additionally, Brazil’s increasing awareness of sustainable development has fueled interest in producing charcoal from renewable resources. Therefore, the charcoal making project in Brazil holds significant growth potential. It makes investing in a charcoal machine in Brazil promising.

Shipment of BST-50 Charcoal Machine to Brazil
Ship BST-50 Charcoal Maker Machine to Brazil
Delivery of Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil

Start Your Charcoal Production Business with Beston Group

As an experienced manufacturer of charcoal making machines, Beston Group offers solutions suitable for various raw materials and capacities. In addition, our comprehensive service system ensures the long-term success of our customers’ projects. If you have any further concerns about charcoal making project, please feel free to consult us.

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