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Rubber Recycling Solution in Egypt – 4 Sets of BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plants

Congratulations! 4 sets of BLL-16 rubber pyrolysis plants were delivered to Egypt in August 2022. According to Egypt customers, Beston Group is their first choice for rubber recycling solution. See more details of this project.

BLL-16 Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Delivered to Egypt
BLL-16 Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Delivered to Egypt

Details of BLL-16 Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Egypt

  • Raw material: rubber power;
  • Final products: pyrolysis oil (used as fuel oil for cement plant);
  • Capacity: 12-16t/d;
  • Working method: Semi-continuous;
  • Production cycle: 60 working days;
  • Delivery date: 15 August 2022.
  • ETA: October 2022;
  • Installation method: online guidance.

Why Do Egypt Customers Take Beston Group As Their First Choice Supplier?

High-quality Pyrolysis Plant

The Egyptian customer compared many pyrolysis machine manufacturers and finally chose Beston, the most important reason is that the customer believes in Beston’s quality. The customer learned from the website that the use of Beston pyrolysis equipment to process rubber powder will not block the pipeline and produce no black smoke.

Efficient Communication

During the customization process, the Beston project manager and CEO held at least 5 video conferences with the client, effectively solving the customer’s problems and promoting the progress of the project. The project manager archives each progress and sends it to the client for confirmation.

Think for Customers

Freight rates have risen sharply recently. In order to save Egypt customer’s shipping costs, Beston provides the customer with drawings, disassembles some equipment about the waste rubber pyrolysis plant, and the customer can purchase the parts locally. Egyptian customers later reported that Beston truly thought about customers.

Customer Comments

“Eric ( Beston project manager) is really a good friend and very talent sales man. During all previous discussions; he gave us the support and the information we need in very quick and professional way.”

Comments from Egypt Customers
Comments from Egypt Customers

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