Quality And Certificates

Quality And Certificates

How Does Beston Group Ensure Quality? Come to Have a Look!

How Does Beston Ensure Quality?


Quality Inspection of Raw Materials Before Storage

Check and confirm the equipment’s material, exterior, size, thickness, weight, quantity, serial number, technical parameter, certificates, etc. We will fill in the goods receipt form after the inspection.


Supply Chain Quality Control

Beston has a dedicated supply chain management system to evaluate, certify, monitor and accept products from suppliers. All the products must meet the quality standards required by the project.


Strict Production Process

Beston Group has strict production process that requires inspection on each step. We will finally provide a production inspection report (including but not limited to in-production inspection and production-completed inspection).


Production Tracking

The production department will provide photos and videos to the customer service specialist to reflect the production progress, so that customers and project consultants can grasp the information of production schedule.


Inspection Before Shipment

Before each shipment, the quality inspection department will check the pressure vessel, the appearance of the equipment, quantity of components, spare parts and all the accessories. We will also prepare ultrasonic flaw detection reports, production inspection reports, raw material purchasing lists, supplier lists, etc. for customers to check goods.


Support for Third-party Inspection

When we finish the production, we will inform our customers to inspect the goods. Beston Group accepts the inspection from customers or third-party inspection organizations, and will cooperate with customers to make inspection reports.

Supply Chain Quality Control
Strict Production Process
Production Tracking
Inspection Before Shipment
Support for Third-party Inspection
Quality Inspection of Raw Materials Before Storage

Certification And Qualification

  • A

    ISO9001 quality management system certification


  • B

    ISO14001 environmental management system certification


  • C

    More than 15 inventions patented technology


  • D

    Product safety qualified through CE certification


Government certification: national high-tech enterprise, partner of Zhengzhou University, vice-chairmen unit of Henan Internet Business Association, member unit of China Rubber Industry Association.


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