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Is Pyrolysis Plant Profitable?

Is pyrolysis plant profitable? Yes, absolutely. How profitable is it and how to make it more profitable? Please keep reading, and you will find the answers below.

How Profitable Is Pyrolysis Plant?

Pyrolysis plant is available for processing old tires, plastic, rubber, oil sludge, etc. Through pyrolysis, we can get 40-45% oil, 30-35% carbon black, 10% combustible gas, and 15% steel wire (tire). Let’s review a part of Beston BLJ-10 tire pyrolysis plant proposal. It will show you how profitable a waste tyre pyrolysis plant is.

ROI of BLJ-10 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Daily Running Cost
Items Daily Consumption Unit Price(USD)  Total (USD/d)
A Material(Ton): Tire 8 40 320
B Fuel (m³): LPG 400 0.42 168
C Power (kW): Electricity 480 0.15 72
D Labors (2 shifts): Person 4 15 60
E Depreciation 40
F Other Cost 20
G Tax Free from tax for Environmental Protection Project
Daily Cost = A+B+C+D+E+F+G 680
Daily Gross Profit
H Tire Oil (45%) 3.6 ton/day 350 1,260
I Carbon Black (30%) 2.4 ton/day 80 192
J Steel Wire (15%) 1.2 ton/day 200 240
Daily Gross Profit = H+I+J 1,692
Net Profit
Daily Net Profit = Daily Gross Profit-Daily Cost 1,012
Monthly Profit (25 working days) 25,300
Annual Profit (10 Months) 253,000
Remarks: The data here are from the Internet. It is just for your reference. You can contact Beston Group Co., LTD. for a custom tire pyrolysis plant project.

Other Things

But from the rough calculation, selling pyrolysis products will bring you great economic benefits, more than 1,000 dollars per day. Actually, you will get more than that. For example, you may get subsidies from governments because pyrolysis is the most effective and eco-friendly way to reduce solid waste. Also, some countries have strict policies for waste tires or plastic recycling, which makes companies or individuals have to pay for recycling. That’s to say, you can charge for that. All in all, it is very profitable and promising to invest in a pyrolysis oil plant. If you have limited budget, you can consider having a skid-mounted pyrolysis plant, which is more affordable and easy to set up.

How to Make Your Pyrolysis Plant More Profitable?

1. Buy a Quality Pyrolysis Machine

It matters the oil yield rate and quality directly. Also, the long service life and stable working condition will lower your running cost. For example, Beston pyrolysis unit is almost self-sufficient by using combustible gas instead of heating fuel. Besides, it is easy and safe to operate. In general, 2-3 workers can run the plant smoothly to reduce your labor cost. More than that, its service life is up to 10 years, which makes it more cost-effective.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Doninica
Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Doninica
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Operated in Korea
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Operated in Korea
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Romania - Beston Engineers
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Romania – Beston Engineers

2. Choose Suitable Models and Auxiliary Equipment

You should know how many raw materials you will process a day, the water content and size of raw materials, even the available fuel, labor cost, etc. It will directly influence your pyrolysis plant cost. Also, you can further process the end products for a higher price, for example, oil distillation equipment. More than that, Beston Group Co., LTD. also provides batch to continuous upgrading system. It will maximize the use of your current plant to lower your cost.

3D Layout of Beston Pyrolysis System
3D Layout of Beston Pyrolysis System
Working ProcessBatchBatchBatchSemi-continuousFully continuous
Reactor Sizeφ1400*4900mmφ2200*6000mmφ2600*6600mmφ2800*7100mmφ1800*18500mm
Reactor MaterialQ245RQ245RQ245RQ245R310S stainless steel
Drive System350 reducer+4kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor500 reducer+7.5kw drive motorZQH650-50 reducer+15kw frequency conversion motor
Land (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m30m*12m*8m30m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m70m*20m*10m
Burner2*200,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*400,000 kcal2.5 million kcal per set
Total Weight of Shipped MaterialsAbout 18tAbout 24.5tAbout 28tAbout 34.5tAbout 150t
Number of Containers1*40HQ1*40FR+1*40HQ+1*20 GP1*40FR+2*40HQ1*40FR+2*40HQ25m*8m bulk cargo+8*40HQ
Noise (dB)≤60≤60≤60≤60≤60
Heating MaterialsFuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing SystemVertical Condenserφ426*3000
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
2 sets of vertical condenser
3-in-1 Condenser3000*2200*2250
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area

3. To Lower Your Operating Cost

  • Try to find cheap raw materials. By the way, it is also very important to use the recommended materials to ensure the oil output rate and working efficiency. That is to say, the size is smaller than 20 mm, and water content is lower than 15%. If you need the auxiliary equipment, you can contact Beston Group Co., LTD. as well.
  • Besides, make use of the working time. For batch pyrolysis plant, it takes 1.5-3 hours to feed, 7-8 hours for pyrolysis process, 2-3 hours to cool down and 2-3 hours to discharge. You may need 3 or more workers for feeding and discharging. While only 1 worker can monitor the pyrolysis process. So you can feed at noon and discharge the products in the next morning. In this way, you can save some labor force input.

4. Cooperate With a Qualified Pyrolysis Plant Supplier

Except for the quality pyrolysis machine, you need also to take their service into consideration, including warranty, timeliness, installation, spare parts offers, maintenance, product upgrade, etc. Taking Beston Group Co., LTD. as an example, we have 8 overseas offices and 60+ after-sales engineers to respond quickly. In addition, we have our own factory and engineers to provide you customized layout design, spare parts, product upgrade service, etc. By the way, a tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer often offers a lower price. Then our engineers will be on-site for your installation, commissioning, workers training, etc. The one-stop service will save your money and time. Welcome to contact us for details!

Beston After-sales Team

Beston Engineers in UK
Beston Engineers in UK
Beston Team and Customers in UK
Beston Team and Customers in UK
Install the Pyrolysis Plant
Install the Pyrolysis Plant


It is profitable to invest in a pyrolysis plant for waste recycling. Except for economic benefits, it is also good for the environment. If you want to set up a pyrolysis business, contact Beston Group Co., LTD. now. There is a multilingual team here waiting for you.

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