How to Set up A Pyrolysis Plant?

Pyrolysis plant is profitable to invest in. Besides, it can effectively reduce plastic waste, old tires, oil sludge, etc., which is good for the environment. That’s why it is very popular among investors. But if you are new for this business, you may wonder what to do to set up a pyrolysis plant profitably. Keep reading for more details!

1. Get More Information

Before purchasing pyrolysis equipment, you’d better know more about this industry. You need to know the local policy, available fuel, where to get the raw material, how much it will cost, the demand for the end products, etc. For example, the dedusting system can be customized according to local environmental requirements. Also, if you have 8 to 10 tons of tires to dispose of, a BLJ-10 pyrolysis plant will be your best choice. So remember to know more about this industry, even including the pyrolysis technology. More information will help you to make the most suitable decision.

How to Set Up Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Pyrolysis Oil Plant Design

2. Raise Funds

You need to prepare money for setting up a pyrolysis plant. Please know that the cost is not equal to the pyrolysis equipment price. You also need some auxiliary equipment and construction works. Besides, it also covers the expense for space, labor force input, fuel cost, cost of raw materials, etc. Moreover, if you need to loan from the bank, you may need the related licenses. So if you decide to set up a waste pyrolysis plant, remember to get the licenses first.

3. Choose A Proper Place to Set up Your Plant

In order to lower your cost, it is better to set up the pyrolysis plant where is far from the residential zone with convenient transportation. Besides, choose a place that is big enough to place your equipment, raw materials, and end products safely. For example, a BLJ-10 (10-ton) pyrolysis plant requires an area of 30*10*10m. However, although BLL-20 continuous pyrolysis plant can process 20 to 24 tons of raw materials a day, it requires a smaller land because it is of modular design. You can contact Beston Team to design layout according to your land.

Tire Pyrolysis Plant in Turkey
BLJ-10 Tire Pyrolysis Plant in Turkey
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant to Romania
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant to Romania

4. Buy Your Equipment

When you get everything above done, you need to buy suitable and effective pyrolysis equipment and the necessary auxiliary equipment. How to get the best one?

  • Know well how many raw materials you will process per day.
  • It should be affordable for you. But do not rely on the price only. You need to pay more attention to the pyrolysis plant profit analysis.
  • Put the fuel consumption, service life, oil yield rate, etc. into consideration.
  • Choose the necessary auxiliary equipment. For example, if you buy a continuous pyrolysis plant with an automatic feeder, you need a crusher to cut raw materials into pieces that are smaller than 20mm.
  • Take the after-sales service into account as well, including the warranty, installation, maintenance, etc.
  • Choose a qualified and experienced pyrolysis plant supplier or manufacturer, who will save your time and money. For example, Beston Group Co., LTD. has exported and installed pyrolysis plants in over 30 countries. During these years, we have developed a multilingual team to serve customers around the world. Meanwhile, the rich exporting experience will save your time and money in shipping, customs declaration, etc. Also, we are a manufacturer of pyrolysis equipment in China. So we can offer you a factory pyrolysis machine price.
Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in UK
Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in the UK
After-sales Tracking Service
After-sales Tracking Service

5. Build Your Site

After you order the pyrolysis plant, you need to do some construction works, for example, the wastewater pool, base, etc. For Beston customers, we will design the layout and ask them to finish the basic construction in advance. Then they can install the pyrolysis plant once it is shipped to them. And then our engineers will be on-site to guide the establishment and debug the equipment.

6. Train Your Workers

For security reasons, all workers need to be trained before they work on the pyrolysis system. Beston Group Co., LTD. will make operation manuals according to your plant. Also, there are some videos online showing the working process for your reference.

Beston Engineer in Jordan
Beston Engineer on Site
Installing Pyrolysis Reactor in Jordan
Installing Pyrolysis Reactor in Jordan


To sum up, cooperating with a great pyrolysis plant manufacturer will make your business easier. Taking Beston Group Co., LTD. for example, when we get inquiries from customers, we will help them to confirm some important information. This step will speed up the process you collect information. Then we will offer a customized business plan for pyrolysis plant. It includes cost, ROI, etc. Besides, our engineers will be on-site to install, train your workers, etc. So welcome to contact Besto Group for details!

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