Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe

In order to reduce the pollution of plastics, tires and rubber in Zimbabwe, the demand for pyrolysis plant in Zimbabwe is also growing. Pyrolysis technology is currently known to be the most environmentally friendly and most economical treatment method for these wastes.

Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Zimbabwe
Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Zimbabwe

Waste Materials for Pyrolysis Machine in Zimbabwe

Waste Tyre

Waste Tyre

Under the influence of the humid and hot climate in Zimbabwe, vehicle tires need to be replaced regularly, otherwise it will bring serious safety hazards. The way these waste tires are disposed of has puzzled people for a long time. Facts have proved that throwing it directly into the ocean or burning it is very harmful to the environment. Beston tyre pyrolysis plant can recycle tires in a pollution-free way.

Waste Rubber

Use Waste Tye to Make Slippers

In the production process of rubber, some wastes, leftovers and wastes will inevitably be produced. In addition, Zimbabwe, a derivative of tires, imports a lot of waste tires every year to make slippers. These rubber slippers are made of rubber. Wear-resistant and heat-resistant. But what to do with the old slippers after use? Pyrolysis is the ultimate treatment method for waste rubber.

Waste Plastic

Waste Plastic

Zimbabwe is rich in tourism. Plastic waste created by tourists and local residents is a big problem. The Zimbabwean government strongly supports measures to reduce plastic pollution and plastic recycling. Pyrolysis of plastics is the most important way to effectively reduce pollution. In addition, the newly developed wax removal technology of Beston pyrolysis equipment has far surpassed the same industry.

Oil Sludge

Oil Sludge

In Zimbabwe, oil, water, and other substances produced during crude oil extraction and transportation are mixed with soil to form sludge. Oil sludge harms the soil greatly, and it will exist in nature for hundreds of years . If it is not recycled in time, Zimbabwe’s agricultural development will be likely at risk. Oil sludge pyrolysis can solve this problem in an environmentally friendly and protitable way.

Final Products of Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe

After the pyrolysis of solid waste, you can obtain products such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire, and combustible gas. Zimbabwe is rich in natural resources, but over-exploitation of resources can also threaten people’s lives. You can use pyrolysis oil, carbon black, etc. as an alternative energy source to protect the ecological environment. The following are the applications of these products for your reference.

End ProductsProportionApplications
Pyrolysis oil35-45%1. Further processed into non-standard diesel.
2. Can be used as fuel in heavy industries such as steel, iron and boiler factories, ceramics, power, chemical industries.
Carbon Black30-35%1. Used as construction material or low-grade fuel or as filler in the rubber industry, paints and coatings, ink production and other industrial applications.
2. Making carbon brick by briquetting equipment and sell.
Steel Wire8-15%1. Sell directly.
2. Making steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing.
Combustible Gas8-15%Alternative fuel to heat the reactor. (self-sufficient pyrolysis process)

Benefits of Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe

The use of pyrolysis equipment in Zimbabwe has many benefits, which we can consider in terms of social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits.

In terms of social benefits, the establishment of a tire pyrolysis will bring more job opportunities to the local area and solve the employment problem. Some customers can successfully apply for government subsidies through the open-site pyrolysis project, including tax incentives, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per ton of pyrolysis oil produced. (The specific situation will be determined according to local policies)

In terms of economic benefits, materials such as waste tires/rubber/plastic can be obtained at low prices, but the fuel oil, carbon black, etc. obtained after pyrolysis treatment have high economic value, whether for personal use or direct sales. This project is of great significance to promoting the economic development of Zimbabwe.

In terms of environmental benefits, waste rubber and waste plastic have plagued Zimbabwe for many years. Traditional methods such as incineration and landfill pollute the air and water resources, and the problems of white pollution and black pollution need to be solved urgently. Eliminate these wastes with fast pyrolysis equipment now!

How to Cooperate with Beston and Start a Pyrolysis Project in Zimbabwe?

If you are looking for suppliers in Zimbabwe, we sincerely recommend Beston to you. Because Beston provides you with competitive pyrolysis equipment prices and related services. If you are willing to invest in Beston pyrolysis equipment, here is the basic cooperation process for you.

Visit Beston Factory

The factory is an important part of showing the strength of the company. You can visit the factory to understand how the pyrolysis equipment is manufactured and understand the working process of the waste tyre oil plant. These experiences will provide the basis for your pyrolysis project to be carried out in Zimbabwe. Here you can see that in 2019, Zimbabwean customers came to visit the Beston factory. The customers spoke highly of us and expressed their willingness to cooperate on the spot. If it is not convenient for you to visit the factory internationally, please contact Beston to schedule an online visit.

Zimbabwe Customers Visit Beston Factory
Zimbabwe Customers Visit Beston Factory

Determine the Production Plan

Beston business managers provide professional services to Zimbabwean customers and will customize production plans according to the specific conditions of customers. At this stage, both parties need to confirm the equipment model, whether to add or subtract accessories, delivery and production time, payment method, and after-sales service. The Zimbabwean customer was very satisfied with the integrated solution provided by Beston, and finally confirmed the purchase of the BLJ-6 small pyrolysis machine.

Beston Group Offers One-Stop Solution
Beston Group Offers One-Stop Solution for Customers

Production and Delivery of Pyrolysis Equipment in Zimbabwe

Once the contract is signed, the Beston factory will start production immediately and complete the shipment within the specified time. The production cycle of the BLJ-6 tire pyrolysis equipment sent to Zimbabwe is about one month. Beston three-in-one condensing system not only saves floor space, but also facilitates installation and maintenance. The business manager will update the details of the shipment for the customer at any time. Vist more shipment videos on YouTube.

Three-in-one Cooling System
Three-in-one Cooling System to Zimbabwe
Pyrolysis Furnace to Zimbabwe
Pyrolysis Furnace
Full Set of BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plannt to Zimbabwe
Full Set of BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plannt Delivered to Zimbabwe

Installation and Commissioning of Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe

Beston engineers will provide customers with professional layout drawings. If Zimbabwean customers want to start tyre recycling business as soon as possible, they can build production sites in advance according to the layout drawings. When the complete pyrolysis plant arrives in Zimbabwe, it can be started with a simple installation. Beston Group supports online installation guidance and on-site installation. Our engineers will help you commission your equipment into optimum production conditions.

Three-in-one Cooling System in Zimbabwe
Three-in-one Cooling System in Zimbabwe
Discharge System in Zimbabwe
Discharge System
Installation of BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe
Installation of BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe

Get Pyrolysis Oil and Carbon Black Successfully

When the pyrolysis plant has been running in Zimbabwe for a few hours, you can get the product the same day! This is an exciting situation. No matter what problems you encounter in the process of using Beston pyrolysis equipment, you can communicate with the online customer service, and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. The Zimbabwean customer in the case was very active in cooperating with the engineer, and also took the initiative to transform the equipment. After a period of time, the customer was very familiar with the equipment and maintenance, and has become a qualified after-sales engineer!

Operation of Discharge System in Zimbabwe
Operation of Discharge System in Zimbabwe
Make Pyrolysis Oil in Zimbabwe
Make Pyrolysis Oil Successfully
Carbon Black in Zimbabwe
Carbon Black

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