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Oily Hazardous Waste Recycling Project in Hubei, China

Beston Group’s oily hazardous waste recycling project is successfully underway in Hubei, China. The configuration plan of this project is 4 sets of BLJ-16 thermal desorption units and 1 set of BZJ-10 oil distillation equipment. Currently, with the assistance of our installation team, the customer has completed the installation and acceptance of the equipment. Below are some details about this project for your reference.

Oily Hazardous Waste Recycling Project in Hubei, China in 2023

Information on Oily Waste Recycling Project in Hubei, China

  • Waste Types: coal tar, coal tar residue, waste mineral oil, waste emulsion;
  • Waste Sources: surrounding factories;
  • Recycling Solution: oily waste to oil;
  • Oil Uses: fuel oil, marine oil, refined lubricants and emulsions;
  • Configuration Plan: 4 BLJ-16 TDU units + 1 BZJ-10 oil distillation equipment;
  • Accessory Option: spiral feed + 3-in-1 condenser;
  • Installation Method: On-site installation guidance;
  • Acceptance Time: September 2023.
4 Sets of BLJ-16 TDU Units in Hubei, China
BLJ-16 TDU Unit in Hubei, China
BZJ-10 Oil Distillation Equipment in Hubei, China
BZJ-10 Oil Distillation Equipment in Hubei, China

Why Does the Chinese Customer Choose Beston Group?

For this oily waste recycling project, this Chinese customer values the integrity of the solution. Therefore, after an in-depth understanding of our strengths and services, this customer chooses Beston Group. At every stage of the project, we’re able to provide timely feedback and technical support. Here are two things that impressed this customer.

Environmental & Safety Approval

Before the project entered the installation stage, this customer runs into trouble with the environmental & safety approval process. To this customer’s satisfaction, Beston Group’s technical team provided professional assistance throughout the entire process. When a problem arises in a certain link of the approval process, corresponding technical personnel are available to solve it.

Installation of Thermal Desorption System

When installing the pyrolysis machinery, the Chinese customer expects our installation team to be on-site for guidance. This is part of our after-sales service. Our installation engineers not only provide guidance but also troubleshoot equipment problems after installation. In addition, after the installation, we also assisted the Chinese customer in training the project operation team.

Installation Site of Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China
Installation Site of Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China
Installation of Main Furnance of TDU in Hubei, China
Installation of Main Furnance of TDU in Hubei, China

Video from Acceptance Site of 4 Sets of Beston TDU Units

Work with Beston Group for Oily Waste Recycling Project

Beston thermal desorption unit is an efficient solution for oily waste recycling. Not limited to the above-mentioned waste types, this equipment can also recycle oily wastes such as oil-based cuttings and oil sludge. If you are planning to start an oily waste recycling project, please contact us. Beston Group has a professional team to provide you with customized solutions.

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