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Oil Sludge Recycling Solution in Uganda – BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Unit

Many repeat customers choose Beston Group because of our high-quality product and service. Recently, customers bought BLL-16 thermal desorption unit to recycle oil sludge in Uganda. Before that, our customer installed the same machine in Nigeria.

BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Unit Delivered to Uganda
BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Unit Delivered to Uganda

Project Details of BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Unit in Uganda

With successful experience, customers trust Beston Group greatly. It’s important to choose a highly automated and environmentally friendly thermal desorption unit to recycle drilling cuttings, oil soil and sludge at an oil site in Uganda. Beston pyrolysis oil plant meets their requirements. BLL-16 can manage about 13-16 tons of oil sludge per hour. Ugandan customers use the pyrolysis oil in his factory, which can save a lot of fuel costs. Besides, the fuel oil is in high demand in the market.

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Shipping Details

The configuration required by the Ugandan customer is a standard condenser + screw feeder + feeding platform +1 channel water cooling discharging system. Beston Group manufactures the thermal desorption unit for customers according to the contract and delivers them within 45 working days. Ugandan customers are very satisfied with our delivery speed and after-sales service. Online installation guidance is not only more convenient but also saves installation costs.

BLL-16 in the Port
Thermal Desorption Unit in Beston Factory
Three-in-one Consensor to Uganda

Shipping Video of BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Unit to Uganda

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