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Oil Sludge Recycling Solution in South Sudan – Thermal Desorption Unit

Due to high-quality equipment and considerate service, Beston is often referred to other partners by customers. Recently, a customer from South Sudan cooperated with Beston to find a solution for sludge pyrolysis equipment under the introduction of a friend.

2 Sets of Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to South Sudan
2 Sets of Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to South Sudan

Project Details of Oil Sludge Recycling Solution for South Sudan Customer

Waste oil sludge will pollute soil and water sources if not disposed of in time. In order to recycle sludge in an environmentally friendly and economical way, a South Sudanese customer contacted Beston Group after being introduced by a friend. Our project manager has a detailed understanding of the customer’s raw material situation and processing volume, and the final customer chose 2 sets of BLL-16 thermal desorption units.

This equipment can manage about 12-16 tons of oil sludge per day. The working method of BLL-16 thermal desorption system is semi-continuous, and South Sudan customers require automatic screw machines and water-cooling discharging system.

Beston Thermal Desorption Units to South Sudan

Customer Concerns and Beston’s Service

Problem About Payment

There were some problems with cross-border payments. Beston project consultants contact South Sudanese banks and agents to assist customers in completing payments.

Problem About Price

At first, South Sudanese customers thought the pyrolysis plant price was a bit expensive. When the Beston project manager introduced the production situation and technical details of the factory to the customer, and explained the after-sales service in detail, the customer thought the money was worth it.

Problem About Supporting Service

Customers worry that Beston Group only provides equipment or technology and nothing else. The Beston project manager told the customer that we will provide the production layout map, foundation map, circuit map, installation drawings, etc. before delivery, and instruct the customer to do the civil work in advance. Not only that, the Beston after-sales team will also provide online installation guidance and commissioning for customers after the equipment arrives in South Sudan, with the participation of Beston professional engineers throughout the process.

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