Meet Beston in INDO WASTE 2022 EXPO & FORUM

As a professional waste recycling solution provider and consultant, Beston will attend INDO WASTE 2022 EXPO & FORUM.

  • Exhibition venue: Jakarta Convention Center Hall B, Jakarta-Indonesia;
  • Date: 05-07 October 2022;
  • Booth number: CN13.

INDO WASTE ia Indonesia’s No.1 Waste Management Expo & Forum. It promotes the development of Indonesia’s waste recycling industry. Here we will show the waste recycling machines and the operation site with the participating companies face to face. You can fully understand the business details of Beston in these 3 days.

Get an Early Preview of Beston Waste Recycling Technologies and Solutions in INDEO WASTE

Pyrolysis Plant

  • Technology: pyrolysis;
  • Solution: recycle waste tire, rubber, plastic, oil sludge and make pyrolysis oil;

Charcoal Making Machine

  • Technology: biomass carbonization;
  • Solution: recycle waste biomass to make biochar;

Pulp Molding Machine

  • Technology: paper pulp molding;
  • Solution: recycle waste paper to make various pulp molded products.

Beston Group is waiting for you at INDO WASTE 2022 EXPO & FORUM!

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