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Manual Egg Tray Making Machine

Manual egg tray making machine means that during the egg tray manufacturing process, the parts such as feeding, drying, collecting and packaging need to be completed manually. Because of the affordable price and the high quality, many customers with limited funds will choose Beston manual egg tray making machine for their investment.

Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale To the World
Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale To the World

How to Make Egg Trays Manually

Processing raw materials

The raw materials for egg trays are only waste paper and water! Based on the output of 1,000 pieces of egg trays per hour, you need to prepare about 85kg of waste paper and 255kg of water (the best ratio of waste paper to water is 3:1). Then the waste paper and water are manually injected into the beating system. After about 40 minutes you will get a uniform and fine pulp. The pulp is stored in the pulp storage machine and transported to a homogenizer, It aims to further remove impurities and optimize the quality of the egg trays. If you want to add some additives to change the color of the egg tray 30 pcs, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, etc., then add it to the homogenizer.

Mix Waste Paper and Water
Mix Waste Paper and Water – Pulping System

Shaping egg trays

The adjusted pulp will be transported to the forming machine part under the action of the pulp pump and the vacuum pump. 3-4 egg tray molds are attached to the egg tray forming machine. The vacuum pump adsorbs the pulp on the molds. The excess water generated in this process will be stored in the water tank and reused. The egg tray production process does not produce any pollution. After the egg tray is formed, you need to ask the staff to use the tray to consign the finished egg to the drying system.

Molds on Manual Egg Tray Machine
Egg Tray Molds – Anti-corrosion

Drying egg trays

The formed egg tray uses high temperature to evaporate excess water. Some countries with high temperature and little rain are suitable for natural drying. Natural drying is suitable for investors whose output requirements are less than 2000 pieces per hour. The staff will manually place the egg tray in the sun. Finished egg tray will be obtained after 4-5 hours. The staff then manually collect the egg trays. This is the simplest and cheapest drying method. Of course, Beston also provides automatic drying systems such as brick drying and metal drying. Customers with restricted natural conditions or high output requirements should choose an automatic drying system.

Drying Egg Trays Manually
Drying Egg Trays Manually

Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine – Great Development Potential

Many molded pulp products are replacing the use of plastic packaging boxes. Many customers have realized that only developing an environmentally friendly business is the right choice for long-term wealth. Due to the flexibility of pulp molding production line, you only need to make changes in the forming step to produce high-quality pulp packaging products. They can be used to package eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, round or oval fruits, drinks in glass bottles or paper cups, electronic products and even seedling plants and so on.

Therefore, as long as your industry needs pulp packaging products, Beston manual egg trays can complete your industrial chain and even expand your business scope. You can use a pulp molding machine to produce a variety of packaging products. Beston manual egg tray machine is widely used and the production process is environmentally friendly. This industry has great potential!

All Kinds of Products of Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Some manual egg tray machines on the market have problems such as high labor costs and low production efficiency. The manual egg tray machine designed by Beston has great improvement in these two points.

First of all, Beston designers optimized the layout of the egg carton manufacturing. We adopted the embedded method as a whole, which not only saves space but also facilitates the operation of employees.

More importantly, Beston egg tray maker adopts precision mechanical transmission. After millions of experiments, it has reached the best production effect. Beston manual egg tray machine not only has high production efficiency but also has a good energy-saving effect.

Layout of Beston Designed Manual Egg Tray Making Machine
Layout of Beston Designed Manual Egg Tray Making Machine

Parameters of Beston Manual Egg Tray Machines

Beston has developed a variety of solutions for customers with different needs. According to the output, Beston manual egg tray machine can make 800-2500 pieces of paper egg trays per hour. Beston also provides egg tray machines for sale with larger capacities. Here are the parameters. You can choose according to your actual needs. If this information cannot meet your requirements, please contact Beston for customized services. You can leave a message directly on this page or go to YouTube to watch more information.

Forming Mould Quantity34
Total Power33kw42-61kw
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-6
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h
Fuel Consumption (Brick Drying)Coal50kg60kg
Natural Gas22-32m³/h26-36m³/h
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas20-30m³/h20-30m³/h

How Much does Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Cost?

A full set of manual egg tray machines cost about US$10,500.

Egg tray machines of the same quality on the market range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Because Beston has its own factory and technical team, it can provide you with factory direct sales prices without other charges.

You will also find some very cheap paper egg crate making machines. But after you take a closer look, you will find that the materials and technology of that equipment are out of date, and it is not wise to spend money on old machines.

If you want a specific price list, please contact Beston immediately! (include your expected output, drying method and installation location)

1 Side Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale
1500 pcs Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale
BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Case Study

Manual egg tray machines have been successfully used in Poland, Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Botswana, Bolivia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Lesotho, Zambia, Argentina, the United States, Iraq due to the advantages of low price, easy use and high praise rate. Successfully installed in Sudan, Chile and other countries.

FAQs About Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine

What Kind of Egg Trays Can Be Produced by the Manual Egg Tray Machine?

The common egg trays on the market are 24/30 pieces. In addition, you can also use it as a manual egg carton making machine. Beston supports 6/10/12 egg boxes. The size of the egg tray can be customized. Here are the video of the delivery of a customized machine on YouTube.

Is the Quality of the Manual Egg Tray Machine Guaranteed?

Although the Beston manual egg tray machine has a favorable price, the quality is as good as ever. Our equipment has passed ISO international certification and has been successfully installed in many countries. You can buy with confidence. You can also contact Beston to get free installation materials in various countries. Now leave a message to tell us your needs!

How Many Employees Do Manual Egg Tray Machines Need?

Take the 1,000 pieces per hour egg tray machine as an example, the entire production process only requires 3-5 employees (the higher the production requirement, the more labor is required). Thanks to the continuous improvement of Beston engineers, our egg tray machine is very convenient to operate. Humanized design can realize the best use of resources.

Is the Follow-up Maintenance Cost of the Manual Egg Tray Machine Expensive?

The Beston egg tray machine has undergone millions of experiments in many countries, and the operating conditions are very stable, basically reaching a zero maintenance rate. And Beston manual egg tray machine is made of stainless steel, which will not rust under normal circumstances. You only need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the egg tray machine in daily use. If you encounter any problems during subsequent use, Beston online engineers will immediately solve them for you.

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