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Installation of BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in the Netherlands in 2023

Recently, 4 sets of BLL-16 plastic pyrolysis plants have been basically installed in the Netherlands. We maintain active communication with the Dutch customer during the project. In addition, Beston Group technical team also goes to the customer’s site to provide technical guidance. With the support of our technical team, the machine is undergoing trial operation smoothly. Below are some pictures from the production site, please read on.

Trial Operation of 4 BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plants in the Netherlands

BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant – Good Choice for Processing Waste Plastics in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has taken active steps to deal with waste plastics. Therefore, they encourage plastic recovery and recycling in the Netherlands. The customer from the Netherlands spots the opportunity. So, the customer approaches Beston Group for a solution. Based on the customer’s needs, we recommend BLL-16 plastic pyrolysis machine. This model of equipment adopts a semi-continuous design. Compared with the batch type, it can realize automatic screw feed. In addition, this model of machine has higher slag discharging efficiency. If you are also interested in this model of machine, please contact us.

4 Sets of BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machines Completed Installation in Netherlands
Installation of BLL-16 Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Netherlands

Beston Group’s Solutions to the Customer from the Netherlands

Beston Group actively maintains contact with the client from the beginning of the project. Therefore, the customer’s problems are resolved in time.

Machine Configuration

The customer wanted to automatically control some components of the pyrolysis plant. Therefore, we installed a PLC electronic control system for the machine. In addition, the customer has higher standards for exhaust emissions. Beston’s technical team continues to optimize technology. In the end, we come up with a high-end solution that is close to the customer’s national emission requirements.

End Product Application

The customer hopes that part of the pyrolysis oil can be used as marine oil. In addition, part of it can be mixed with standard oil. Therefore, we propose to the customer to install BZJ-10 oil distillation equipment on the existing configuration. If you also have special needs for your pyrolysis project, please feel free to communicate with our project consultants.

BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Completed Installation in Netherlands

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Plastic pyrolysis projects have gradually become a new trend in the waste recycling industry. As an experienced pyrolysis plant manufacturer, Beston Group has been committed to researching more advanced plastic pyrolysis technology. So if you want to know how to start a plastic pyrolysis project, welcome to ask Beston Group. Leave your contact information, we will recommend the best solution for you.

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