Install Wood Charcoal Machine in Malaysia in 2023

In 2023, a Malaysian customer reaches a cooperation with Beston Group for the charcoal making project. This customer orders a set of BST-30 wood charcoal making machine. At present, the project has reached the stage of machine installation. The whole process goes very smoothly. Below are some pictures of the installation site.

Install Beston BST-30 Wood Charcoal Machine in Malaysia
Install Beston BST-30 Wood Charcoal Machine in Malaysia

Basic Information of Wood to Charcoal Machine in Malaysia

  • Model/capacity: BST-30 wood charcoal machine (drying system + condensing system);
  • Raw materials: wood chips and sawdust (about 2cm in size, 30%-40% moisture);
  • Source of raw materials: local lumber mills;
  • End products: charcoal, tar, wood vinegar;
  • Product use: for sale;
  • Delivery time: from Qingdao Port in May 2023;
  • Installation method: engineer guides the installation on site.
Beston BST-30 Wood to Charcoal Machine in Malaysia
Installation Site of BST-30 Charcoal Machine in Malaysia

Solutions to Problems Encountered by the Malaysian Customer

How to Apply for Environmental Certificate

Before the charcoal maker machine is officially put into production, there is a problem that makes this Malaysian customer into trouble. The customer faces difficulty in the application process for the environmental certificate. After knowing the situation, we provide the customer with the exhaust gas and waste emission data of the machine. During the whole process, we maintain efficient communication with this Malaysian customer and solve the problem efficiently.

How to Enter Carbon Credit Platform

This Malaysian customer believes that the current carbon-neutral industry has a good prospect, but he does not know the specific information very well. Based on this situation, our project consultants offer the customer some points to pay attention to when entering the carbon credit industry. It is our expertise that makes this customer trust Beston Group even more.

Wood Charcoal Making Project in Malaysia

Partner with Beston Group on Wood Charcoal Making Project

Beston Group’s wood charcoal machine is equipped with advanced technology. In addition, we also provide one-stop service. Therefore, Beston Group is a good choice when you are still hesitating about which manufacturer to select. Leave your contact information and needs, our professional project consultants will provide you with solutions.

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