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Install Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Colombia in 2024

Good news!  A BST-50 rice husk charcoal machine is being installed in Colombia. Before the machine arrives at the customer’s site, Beston Group’s technical team has guided the Colombian customer to complete the civil construction on site. Therefore, the installation is going smoothly. At present, the main furnace has been assembled. Our installation engineers will guide the next stage of installation work.

Install Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Colombia in 2024

Basic Information of Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Colombia

  • Model: BST-50 rice husk charcoal machine;
  • Working capacity: 10-15m³/h;
  • Raw materials: rice husks from farms and grain processing;
  • Final product: rice husk biochar;
  • End product use: barbecue fuel/soil remediator;
  • Configuration plan: standard configuration + dual-channel dryer;
  • Shipping time: February 2023;
  • Installation method: installation engineer guides installation on site.
Feeding System of BST-50 Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Colombia

Dryer of BST-50 Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Colombia

Our Customized Solutions for the Colombian Customer

After getting in touch with the Colombian customer, our project consultants first deeply understand the customer’s needs. After conducting biomass raw material analysis and basic layout planning, our technical team proposed a customized configuration plan.

Fully Continuous Machine Type

This customer is engaged in the agricultural product processing industry. He was troubled by the large accumulation of discarded rice husks. Therefore, the Colombian customer wanted our solution to enable large-scale reduction and recycling. Based on this situation, we recommend customers choose the BST-50 charcoal making machine. It not only has a large working capacity but also can achieve full continuous operation. This greatly increases recycling efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Dual Channel Drying System

The moisture content of the raw materials of this Colombian customer is less than 15%, which essentially meets the needs of direct feeding. However, the rainy season in Colombia may have an impact on the moisture content of the material. Therefore, a drying machine is necessary. Not only that, the customer is also considering processing other waste biomass. So the dryer adopts a dual-channel configuration.

Fully Continuous Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

Join Beston Group to Start Recycling Project

After the installation of this BST-50rice husk charcoal machine is completed, debugging and trial operations will be carried out. We will update the latest news at that time. If you too want to start your biomass recycling project, tell us about your needs. We will provide customized solutions based on your raw materials, production scale, equipment needs, and other requirements.

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