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Install Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica in 2023

Good news, Beston’s agricultural biomass waste recycling project is progressing smoothly in Costa Rica in 2023. At present, a set of BST-10 rice husk carbonizer is in the installation stage in Costa Rica. The whole process goes smoothly. After the installation is completed, debugging will be carried out under the technical guidance of Beston engineers. Read on for more project details.

Install Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica in 2023

Basic Rice Husk Recycling Project Information in Costa Rica

During the communication, we learn that this Costa Rica customer’s factory produces a large amount of agricultural waste biomass. This customer wants to find an effective method to deal with the large amount of rice husk waste.  Below are some details of the project.

  • Customer Industry: agricultural products processing;
  • Raw Material: rice husks produced during rice processing;
  • Solution: rice husk to charcoal;
  • Machine Model: BST-10 rice husk charcoal making machine;
  • Use of Charcoal: BBQ/fuel;

The following are some pictures from the installation site in Costa Rica for your reference.

Rice Husk Carbonizer in Costa Rica's Installation Site

Get Agricultural Biomass Recycling Solutions in Costa Rica from Beston Group

Costa Rica has abundant agricultural resources, but with them comes a large amount of agricultural waste. Beston charcoal machine converts these wastes into valuable products. Therefore, it provides important support for the development of sustainable agriculture in Costa Rica. The following are two main advantages of the Beston charcoal production project:


The charcoal production machine converts a large amount of agricultural waste, such as rice husks, coffee husks, corn stalks, etc., into high-quality charcoal. This not only reduces the space occupied by waste resources but also alleviates the pressure of waste on the environment. This provides a feasible solution for the reasonable disposal of agricultural waste.

Resource Utilization

Through high-temperature carbonization, agricultural waste is converted into biomass charcoal and biogas. They can be used for energy production. At the same time, charcoal, as a kind of biochar, can be directly used in agriculture as a soil conditioner. This method contributes to the sustainable use of energy. What’s more, it also realizes the circular utilization of agricultural resources.

agriculture waste biomass to charcoal

Start Your Waste Biomass to Charcoal Business with Beston Group

In addition to providing rice husk carbonizer for agricultural processing waste, we also have corresponding solutions for other waste biomass. Whether it is wood, sawdust, coconut shells, palm shells, or other waste resources, we will provide you with customized process methods. As long as you want to get profit opportunities by recycling waste resources, feel free to contact Beston Group.

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