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Install BST-10 Biochar Production Equipment in Indonesia: Process Palm Fiber

Here comes the good news! Beston’s palm processing waste recycling project is going smoothly in Indonesia. At present, a set of BST-10 biochar production equipment is in the installation stage. Our engineers are on-site to provide installation guidance. In the follow-up, we will also assist the Indonesian customer in debugging the machine. Below are some pictures from the installation site, just read on to get more information on this project.Install BST-10 Biochar Production Equipment in Indonesia

Essentials of Palm Processing Waste Recycling Project in Indonesia

The Indonesian customer operates the palm processing plant. During the operation of the factory, a large amount of waste is generated, especially empty fruit bunches. Large amounts of them take up space in the factory. Therefore, this customer wants to find a method to process this waste efficiently. Beston Group provides biochar production solution for this customer. The following is some information on this palm processing waste recycling project in Indonesia.

  • Customer industry: palm processing;
  • Raw material: palm fiber from empty fruit bunches;
  • Recycling solution: biochar production;
  • End product: biochar;
  • End product use: soil improvement;
  • Equipment model used: BST-10;
  • Additional accessories: dryer;
  • Installation method: engineer on-site installation.

BST-10 Biochar Equipment in Indonesia to Process Palm Fiber

Advantages of Palm Processing Waste to Biochar Solution

In some areas, the palm cultivation and processing industry is booming and plays a vital role in the local economy. However, what follows is a large amount of palm processing waste that cannot be properly disposed of, including empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, etc. Some traditional treatment methods such as accumulation, incineration, and composting have certain limitations. However, the solution of palm processing waste to biochar has certain advantages.

Efficient & Eco-friendly

Beston’s fully continuous biochar production equipment can make waste treatment more efficient. The intelligent control of the machine can make palm waste reduction more convenient. In addition, dust and exhaust gases during the entire production process can be properly handled. Therefore, the palm waste to biochar solution is efficient and eco-friendly.

Promote Industry Sustainability

As a soil additive, biochar can be directly used in palm planting soil to promote palm tree growth.  In addition, biochar can be used directly as fuel to provide a heat source for palm processing plants. Therefore, this waste-to-wealth solution promotes sustainability in the palm plantation and processing industry.

Palm Processing Waste to Biochar Solution

Discover Waste Potential with Beston Group

In addition to recycling palm processing waste, Beston Group offers various solid waste recycling solutions. We look forward to working with you to explore the value hidden in waste. If you are interested in our solutions and equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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