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Install Beston Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Cyprus in 2023

In 2023, Beston Group reaches cooperation with Cyprus customer on a plastic pyrolysis project. A set of BLJ-6 plastic pyrolysis plant is successfully installed in Cyprus. From communication to the establishment of the project, the whole process went very smoothly. Beston Group’s service satisfies the Cyprus customer. Why does this customer choose Beston Group? What is the specific information about this machine? If you have such doubts, please read on.

Install BLJ-6 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Cyprus
Install BLJ-6 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Cyprus

Why the Cyprus Customer Choose Beston – Trust Creates Long-Term Success

“There are so many suppliers in the global pyrolysis industry, why do you choose Beston Group?” Our project consultant asks the Cyprus customer during the project. Thankfully, we get a sincere answer from this Cypriot customer. Please see the picture below.

Testimonials from customers in Cyprus

Whether it is products or equipment, Beston Group has won the trust of this Cyprus customer. That’s right! Beston Group focuses on researching advanced pyrolysis technology to create greater value for customers. In addition to this, we are not simply selling machines. Instead, as this Cyprus customer says, we aim to become partners with our customers. Therefore, our after-sales service guarantees the long-term success of our customers.

Details of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Cyprus

Model/capacity BLJ-6 plastic pyrolysis plant
Raw material Waste packaging material (mainly plastic)
Source of raw materials Collected from customer’s factory
End product requirements High-quality pyrolysis oil
End product use Plant own fuel
Additional components Steam drum, catalytic tower and high-end exhaust gas treatment device
Production cycle 60 working days
Delivery time 12th March 2023 from Qingdao Port
Arrival time End of April 2023

Ship BLJ-6 Plastic Pyrolysis Machine to Cyprus

Beston Group’s Solutions for the Cyprus Customer

A successful project is inseparable from the solution for every problem. The same goes for Beston Group’s Cyprus pyrolysis project. At the beginning of the project, the Cyprus customer had several questions about the Beston pyrolysis plant:

Whether the machine helps his factory save energy?

Can the machine safely process large amounts of plastic waste?

 How to avoid unpleasant smells at the production site?

For his question, we provide the following solutions:

Plastic pyrolysis oil can be directly burned as fuel oil. Therefore, the equipment can supplement the existing burner system of this Cyprus customer.

Our plastic catalytic pyrolysis slag outlet adopts high-temperature sealing technology. This technology can greatly improve the high-temperature sealing and operation convenience of the equipment. This can not only reduce labor intensity but also improve safety.

The standard exhaust gas treatment can only cool down and remove dust, but we have a high-end exhaust gas treatment. Therefore, we recommended a high-end exhaust gas treatment device to this Cyprus customer. In this way, there will be no pungent smell on the production site.

Install Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Cyprus
Installation of BLJ-6 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in Cyprus

Cooperation with Beston Group on Plastic Pyrolysis Project

Investing in a plastic pyrolysis machine achieves a win-win situation for both environmental protection and profitability. The alternative energy produced by the machine – pyrolysis oil, can reduce the dependence on traditional fossil fuels. At the same time, you can also directly sell pyrolysis oil which is very versatile. If you are interested in this project, please leave your contact information.

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