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Install Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine in Indonesia in 2023

Recently, a set of Beston BST-10 coconut shell charcoal machine is successfully shipped to Indonesia from Qingdao Port. After the customer in Indonesia receives the machine, the customer confirms the installation time with us. Subsequently, Beston’s technical team goes to Indonesia for installation guidance. In August 2023, the machine successfully completed the adjustment. Below are some pictures of the installation site.

Installation of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine in Indonesia
Installation of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine in Indonesia

Information on Beston Coconut Shell Processing Machine in Indonesia

  • Model: BST-10 coconut shell charcoal machine;
  • Capacity: 2-4m³/h;
  • Raw material: coconut shell;
  • End Product: high-quality charcoal;
  • Additional accessories: drying system + molding system;
  • Installation method: on-site guidance installation.
Drying System of BST-10 Charcoal Machine in Indonesia
Drying System of BST-10 Charcoal Machine in Indonesia
Molding System of BST-10 Charcoal Machine in Indonesia
Molding System of BST-10 Charcoal Machine in Indonesia

How to Make Coconut Shell Charcoal in Indonesia

After completing the installation, the adjustment of the machine was also very smooth. During the production process, our technician records the video of the on-site production. You can learn how coconut shell charcoal is produced.

STEP1 Process Coconut Shell

Crushing and drying the coconut shell to bring it to the right size and moisture content.

STEP2 Convey Raw Materials

The processed coconut shell enters the feeding device through the belt conveyor. Then, falls into the reactor.

STEP3 Start Carbonization

In the carbonization furnace, the raw materials undergo combustion with micro-oxygen within a high-temperature and micro-pressure environment. This process ultimately transforms them into coconut shell charcoal.

Start Your Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Project with Beston Group

In recent years, coconut shell charcoal making machine has become a good solution for treating waste biomass. In addition, the machine makes investors get income in an eco-friendly way. Thus, more customers regard this machine as an investment choice. If you are also interested in the coconut shell charcoal production project, just leave your contact information and requirements! Our professional project consultants will provide you with solutions.

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