How to Make Egg Tray from Waste Paper?

There are four stages to make egg trays from waste paper, including pulp making, molding system, drying line, and packing system.

1. Making Pulp from Waste Paper

We often use waste paper as egg tray raw material, including old books, newspapers, old paper cartons, etc. So the first step is to break the waste paper into paper pulp. In general, the smoother the pulp is, the better the end products are. For this purpose, our egg tray production line is equipped with hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner, pulp pumps, etc. Besides, you also need to build a water pool and a pulp pool. Beston also has designed an integrated pulping system for small-scale egg tray plant. It works as below:

  • Pour waste paper and water into the hydraulic pulper. It will be pulpified soon and be stored in the pulp pool.
  • Pump pulp into the stirred tank. With the use of the pulp refiner, the pulp will be mixed well.
Pulp Making System
Hydraulic Pulper
Integrated Pulp Making System
Integrated Pulp Making System

As you see, what workers need to do is to put the waster paper into the pulper.

2.Pulp Molding System

Pulp molding system is the core part of egg tray production line. The main equipment is the pulp molding machine. According to the design of molding dies, you can make egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, seedling trays, cup holders, etc. It is very important. But luckily, it is fully automatic, which makes it easy and safe to operate. Besides that, we also employ a vacuum pump and air compressor. It works as follow:

  • Pulp will be pumped into the forming molds. With the use of vacuum pump, pulp will attached to the mold. Meanwhile, it will remove some water from wet trays. This is the forming stage.
  • Then the transfer molds will remove the trays off using air compressor.
  • After demolding, the molds will be cleaned quickly. Some of Beston egg tray machine is equipped with an automatic cleaning device.
Pulp Molding Machine
Pulp Molding Machine
Egg Tray Molds
Egg Tray Molds
Pulp Trays
Pulp Trays

3. Drying the Wet Trays

The wet trays need to be dried. You can choose natural drying, brick drying line, and automatic metal drying line. In general, if you have a small egg tray machine, which can make 1000 to 1500 trays, you can choose to dry under the sun. It will greatly lower your investment cost. Beston can provide you with drying racks and carts. If you want to improve your working efficiency, you can choose a brick or metal drying line. The metal one is fully automatic and it is multilevel to save your labor and space cost.

Natural Drying
Natural Drying
Brick Drying Line
Brick Drying Line
Metal Drying System
Metal Drying System

4. Packing Trays for Sale

The last step is to pack the dry trays for sale. Some investors also employ a hot press machine to make the trays more good-looking. Besides, you can also buy a packer to press the trays to save space. Also, some investors, especially large-scale investors, will have an automatic packing system, which includes counter, packer, etc. Below are some videos for your reference. You can also find more videos from Beston YouTube.

As you can see, the egg tray making process is simple. It means no professional workers are needed to lower your labor force input. Moreover, there are various options to choose from, including output, design, working method, etc. It is suitable for small-scale, medium, and large-scale investors. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Advantages of Making Egg Trays from Waste Paper

1. Low Cost & Quick Return

It is affordable to invest in egg tray making business. For one thing, you can get rich and cheap or even free raw materials. For the other thing, the egg tray machine price is cheap as well. However, even the small egg tray machine can make 1000+ trays per hour, which will bring you great benefits soon.

2. Eco-friendly Production Line

As mentioned, it recycles waste paper into trays. Compared to plastic products, pulp trays are degradable. It means there is a promising market for pulp molded products. More than that, the entire egg tray production line is pollution-free.

3. Promising Market

As plastic products are banned in many countries, paper pulp packing box is getting popular. In addition, Beston Group Co., LTD. offers different molding dies to choose from. Below are some of our successful cases.

What Can Beston Offer?

  1. Various Automatic Pulp Molding Machine (Output 1,000-6,000 pieces/h)
  2. Customized Egg Tray Manufacturing Business Plan
  3. Quality Spare Parts (including drying racks, pump, molding dies, etc.)
  4. Full Service and One-year Warranty (including installation, commissioning, workers training, etc.)
  5. Factory Direct Sale Price to Lower Your Cost
  6. Professional & Multilingual Team to Save Your Time

So if you want to make egg trays from waste paper, please feel free to contact us for details!

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