Growing Potential of Biochar in Carbon Sink Business

In addition to its well-known soil-improving effects, biochar is of great potential in carbon sink business. Biochar can store carbon in a fixed form. The aim is to prevent carbon dioxide from organic matter from leaking into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Biochar can bury CO2 underground for hundreds or even thousands of years! The idea is seen as having great potential to help slow global warming and achieve carbon sequestration.

Potential of Biochar in Carbon Sink Business

The Role of Biochar in Carbon Sink Business

Carbon sink refers to the process or activity in which green plants absorb and transform carbon dioxide. The production, development and trade of carbon sinks together constitute the carbon sink industry.

At present, the main development targets of carbon sinks are forest carbon sink, grassland carbon sink, cultivated land carbon sink and ocean carbon sink. In comparison, cultivated land (agriculture) carbon sequestration is easier to carry out. Biochar production is a key link in cultivated land carbon sink. Investors only need to have enough raw materials (agricuture waste) and a reliable biochar production equipment to join the carbon sink trade.

Biochar Production
Biochar Production for Soil

Growing Potential of Biochar in Carbon Sink Business

In the next few years, biochar will be adopted on a large scale, and the production of biochar will also be worthwhile in carbon sink trading systems. Companies would pay investors to offset their own emissions by burning large amounts of biomass in industrial-scale plants and burying the resulting biochar.

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Beston Group’s Efforts in Biochar Production

Beston Group is willing to provide biochar production solution to help your carbon sink business. Just tell us your conditions (raw material, production site, budget, uses of final products…), then you’ll get a customized project plan of biochar production. We believe you will play an important pioneering role and set a good example for climate protection.

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