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Feedback of BST-30 Biochar Machine in Malaysia

Recently, Beston team has received feedback from Malaysian customers that BST-30 biochar machine is still in good condition after three years of operation. The Malaysian customer showed us the video of BST-30 biochar machine through the video. The heat source of the main charcoal furnace is the combustible gas generated in the production. The client is very satisfied with the project and we are in constant contact with the client.

Project Review

The customer visited the Beston factory for the first time in 2019, and the Beston team introduced the work flow and process principle of the biochar machine in detail to the customer. Malaysian customers were very satisfied with Beston’s equipment and services, and finally they decided to buy a BST-30 continuous waste pyrolysis plant, which uses palm silk as raw material to make charcoal. You can click the picture to learn more about this project.

Malaysian Customers Visit Beston Factory in 2019
Malaysian Customers Visit Beston Factory in 2019

How Did Malaysian Customers Evaluate Beston?

Beston team will conduct regular return visits to customers. Malaysian customers told us,” this machine is very convenient to use, and there have been no unexpected problems during the years of use. In addition, your intimate after-sales service makes us feel very secure. Beston is definitely a trusted brand.

Feedback of Customers from Malaysia
Feedback of Customers from Malaysia

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