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Export BST-05 PRO Mobile Biochar Machines to India

For experiments on the biochar production business, Indian customers purchased 4 sets of mobile biochar machines. In order to meet the emergency needs, Beston sent one of the mobile biochar machines to India first, and then completed the subsequent production and delivery work according to the contract. Here are details about the delivery of another 3 sets of biochar machines.

Beston BST-05 PRO Mobile Biochar Machines Exported to India

BST-05 PRO Biochar Machine in India

Basic Information of BST-05 PRO Biochar Machine to India

  • Input Capacity: 0.3-0.5m³/h;
  • Working method: fully-continuous;
  • Feature: skid-mounted design, easy to install and transport;
  • Raw materials: Groundnut shell, Cotton Stalk, JuliFlora chips;

During the project, Indian customers have questions about biological charcoal manufacturing technology and equipment operation. Beston one-to-one project manager and engineering book through multiple video conferences to answer technical questions.

BST-05 PRO Mobile Biochar Machines in Factory
BST-05 PRO Mobile Biochar Machines to India

Why Indian Customers Invest in 4 Sets of Biochar Machines Instead of A Bigger One?

Indian customers invest in 4 portable biochar machines for project testing and detecting technical feasibility. And at the beginning, biochar machines are easy to operate and installed. Beston biochar plant just meets customer needs. Due to the large scale of customer projects, multiple devices are needed to support this project.

It is understood that after more than a month of operation, Indian customers have invested in the largest model of BST-50 biochar equipment! And they are very satisfied with the effect of running! Thanks to customers for their trust in Beston.


Regardless of the global biochar market or the rich raw materials of India, we believe that the projects of Indian customers can quickly succeed. If you’re considering starting charcoal production business, please contact Beston immediately to provide support.

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