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Egg Tray Machine with Metal Drying Line Project Launches in Bolivia in 2023

Recently, Beston Group ships a set of BTF5-8 egg tray machine with metal drying line to Bolivia smoothly. This Bolivian customer is a practitioner in the egg tray machine industry. This customer thinks that Beston’s fully automatic machine can help expand the production scale. The project in Bolivia is progressing very successfully. If you want to know more details about the project, please continue reading.

Ship BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia in 2023
Ship BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia in 2023

Details on the Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Bolivia in 2023

  • Model: BTF5-8 egg tray making machine;
  • Capacity: 5000-6000 pieces/hour;
  • Drying method: metal drying;
  • Accessories required: replace the water ring vacuum pump and filtrate pump;
  • Raw material: waste paper box;
  • Raw material source: local procurement;
  • End Product: 30 egg trays;
  • End Product use: for sale;
  • Shipping time: April 2023;

Beston BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine Sent to Bolivia
Beston BTF5-8 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Bolivia

Advantages of Egg Tray Machine with Metal Drying Line

In view of the large production scale of this Bolivian customer, we recommend the BTF5-8 machine with a metal drying system. This drying method has many advantages.

  • Metal drying line adopts a multi-layer drying structure. Such drying efficiency is high, energy consumption is low, and the working space is small.
  • Inside the machine, it is designed as hot circulating air. The drying conditions of each layer of the machine are the same. This ensures consistent product quality.
  • The degree of automation of the machine is high. The temperature, air volume, dehumidification, driving speed, and drying time of the dryer are all controlled by PLC.
  • Combustion chamber is separated from the drying chamber. This allows pure hot air to enter the drying oven. This achieves no pollution and no fire hazard.
Metal Drying Line of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Making Machine to Bolivia
Metal Drying System of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia

Cooperate with Beston Group on Egg Tray Machine Project

This egg tray machine project in Bolivia is currently in the installation phase. We will update the latest news in time. If you want to start your own egg tray business, you can choose Beston Group as your machine supplier. We can provide you with an eco-friendly solution to generate income. Just leave your message below, our project consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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