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Custom Egg Carton Machine to Spain

Beston shipped an egg carton machine to Spain On September 2nd, 2020. It is a BTF-1-4 machine, which can make 1,000 egg cartons per hour. Different from the regular one-side egg tray machine, it actually has 8 6-shell egg carton molds. That is to say, it can make 8 egg cartons each time. Below are some pictures for your reference.

BTF-1-4 Egg Carton Machine to Spain
BTF-1-4 Egg Carton Machine to Spain
Egg Carton Making Machine to Spain
Loading in Container
Pulper to Spain
Pulper to Spain

Custom Egg Carton Mold

Beston can custom molding dies according to your requirements, for example, 30-shell egg tray mold, 6-shell egg carton mold, 12-shell egg carton mold, quail egg cartons, etc. Besides, it is possible to make different trays with the same pulp molding machine. If you are interested in our egg tray machine, please contact us for details!

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