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Egg Carton Machine to Botswana

On September 26th, a BTF-1-4 egg carton making machine was loaded for shipping to Botswana. It can make 1500 paper egg boxes per hour. Before delivery, the machine was tested at our factory. Below are some videos and pictures for your reference.

Egg Carton Machine to Botswana
Egg Carton Machine to Botswana
Egg Carton Machine to Botswana
Loading in Container
Egg Carton Machine to Botswana
Loading Site

The special feature of this egg carton machine is that it contains 3 different molding dies. So it can 6-shell egg crates, 12-shell egg cartons, and 18 egg cartons at the same time. It can greatly save your investment cost. If you have a poultry farm and want to make trays by yourself, the BTF-1 egg tray machine will be an ideal choice. Welcome to contact us for a custom solution.

Due to COVID-19, our clients cannot come to visit our factory on site. But we recorded a video of our factory. You can check it on our Youtube. More than that, we will offer the layout design and online installation guide for free. And our clients in Indonesia, Mexico, etc. have finished their installation successfully with our online instruction. So choosing Beston will make sure your egg tray plant be set up and run as expected. Welcome to contact us for details!

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