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Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine in Mexico

Beston shipped a charcoal making machine to Mexico last March. It is a BST-30 machine, which is mainly used to process coconut shells, sawdust, and other shells. Below are some photos of the delivery.

Shipping to Mexico
Charcoal Machine to Mexico
Charcoal Machine to Mexico
Shipping to Mexico
Loading to Container

Then it was installed, tested, and finally put into use with our online instruction. Here are some pictures of the installation site.

Installing in Mexico
Installation Site
Charcoal Furnace in Mexico
Installing Charcoal Furnace in Mexico
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine in Mexico
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine in Mexico

There are some differences between the new-designed biochar production machine and the traditional one. It mainly contains two parts, namely the carbonization furnace and the dryer. The upgrading design aims to improve the charcoal quality and efficiency. More than that, Beston offers online installation service to make sure there is no delay with your project. In 2020, our engineers can’t be on site for installation because of COVID-19. But we provide detailed layout design, videos, online instructions to help our customers. There are many successful cases over the year. As what we value, we will try our best to ensure customers’ benefits.

If you are looking for a biochar machine for sale, please contact Beston for more details.

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