Charcoal Kiln for Sale

Beston charcoal kiln for sale is patented environmental protection equipment. It is generally used for the pyrolysis of biomass. Beston specially designed charcoal making furnace for biomass recycling. After years of improvement, you can enjoy the latest technology of charcoal furnace design in Beston. If you are interested in buying a charcoal kiln, the following content may help you.

Beston Charcoal Kiln for Sale - Installation and Operation
Beston Charcoal Kiln for Sale – Installation and Operation

Process Principle of Beston Charcoal Kiln for Sale

The process principle of Beston charcoal furnace is: the raw material undergoes a controllable reduction reaction in a closed container and in an oxygen-deficient state.

After pyrolysis and gasification of biomass, the carbon and hydrogen in these wastes will be converted into a series of combustible gases, as well as high-value products such as charcoal, wood vinegar, and tar. In the process of making charcoal, many tasks of the Beston charcoal making kiln are carried out at the same time. This process can improve the heat utilization rate without causing any pollution to the environment.

Charcoal Made by Charcoal Kiln for Sale
Wood Vinegar Made by Charcoal Kiln for Sale
Wood Vinegar
Tar Made by Charcoal Kiln for Sale

Available Raw Materials in Beston Charcoal Kiln

Waste biomass: Biomass contains a lot of cellulose, which is a very good material for making charcoal. For example, wood, coconut shell, palm shell, etc. Customers can choose abundant and cheap raw materials to make charcoal according to the specific conditions of the location.

Sludge: In the process of industrial development, sludge used to be a headache for the environment. Now the Beston charcoal furnace can treat sludge in an environmentally friendly way and convert it into valuable products. The charcoal manufacturing equipment is undoubtedly the best way to treat sludge innocuously.

Other solid wastes: other solid wastes, including food waste, medical waste, household waste, etc., can be recycled through the carbonization furnace. If you have the idea of turning waste into high-value products, please contact Beston immediately!


Excellent Beston Charcoal Kiln for Sale

Great Materials

The carbonization furnace is made of 310S stainless steel, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also corrosion resistant and has a long service life. The drum-type carbonization plant uses current insulating materials, which can withstand ultra-high temperatures, without the need for additional refractory bricks or concrete.

Charcoal Kiln for Sale Made by 310S Stainless Steel
Charcoal Kiln Made by 310S Stainless Steel

Double Main Furnace Design

The Beston dual main furnace design is very popular in the market. The small furnace is used to dry the raw materials, and the larger one is used for the thermal cracking reaction. Compared with the single-layer external heating structure, the heat utilization rate is more than doubled! The thermal efficiency of the equipment is 70%~90%, and the energy saving effect is good.

Smaller Charcoal Making Furnace
Smaller Charcoal Making Furnace

Round Roller

The round drum design of Beston charcoal kiln for sale can make the material heated more evenly. The drum is also a double-layer design, the inner drum is used for preheating or drying, and the outer drum continuously carbonizes the material during the rotation.

Inner and Outside Roller
Inner and Outside Roller

Short Warm-up Time

Even if it is a new biochar production equipment, the furnace temperature can reach 650 degrees after about 30 minutes after the host is turned on. The longer the starting time of the equipment, the higher the temperature, and it can be adjusted by itself after reaching the required requirements for pyrolysis. During the carbonization reaction of biomass, the higher the temperature, the higher the carbon content of the final product carbon. The charcoal produced by the Beston charcoal furnace has good sales in the market.

The Full Set of Charcoal Kiln for Sale With Short Warm Up Time
Full Set of Charcoal Kiln With Short Warm-up Time

Heat Preservation Casing

The outer layer of the pyrolysis furnace of each charcoal machine is protected by an organic shell. The purpose is to use the simplest and low-cost method to achieve good heat preservation effects. The case can also be damaged by feng shui and sun exposure.

Casing for Heat Preservation
Casing for Heat Preservation


Two Different Working Methods of Beston Charcoal Kiln for Sale

Continuous Charcoal Kiln for Sale

Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
Reactor Size Φ820mm Φ1000mm Φ1300mm Φ1700mm
Land Field (Standard) 28m*10m*6m 33m*13m*7m 40m*15m*8m 50m*16m*10m
Working Method Fully continuous
Capacity 3-5t/d 8-10t/d 25-30t/d 45-50t/d


  • Feeding and discharging at the same time;
  • High efficiency;
  • More automation;
  • Large capacity;
  • The latest design;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Fast pyrolysis;
  • Wide range of applications;
  • Environmental friendly.

Beston Fully Continuous Charcoal Kiln for Sale
Beston Fully Continuous Charcoal Kiln for Sale


Batch Charcoal Kiln for Sale

Batch Model BST-J12 BST-J18 BST-J40
Reactor Φ1900*4500 Φ1900*6600 Φ2800*7100
Land Field (Standard) 10*4.5*6m 10*4.5*6m 12*4.5*6m
Working Method Batch
Capacity 12t/d 18t/d 40t/d


  • Affordable price;
  • Small footprint;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Easy to install;
  • Long service life;
  • Short cooling time;
  • Change production site easily;
  • Low skill requirements to workers;
  • Non-pollution.

Beston Batch Charcoal Kiln for Sale
Beston Batch Charcoal Kiln for Sale


Important Factors that May Affect the Efficiency of Charcoal Kiln

Humidity. The high humidity of the raw material will affect the quality of the finished charcoal. Beston recommends that the humidity of the raw material be less than 15%. A dryer is required to process materials with a humidity greater than 15% (two dryers are required when the humidity is greater than 40%).
Size. The smaller the material size, the less energy is consumed. The best feed size is about 8mm (take rice husk as an example). When the material diameter is larger than 2cm, a crusher is required.


How to Build a Charcoal Kiln?

It is important to obtain a permit to build a charcoal kiln. Different countries have different regulations on the construction of charcoal kilns. You’d better understand the national policies before you build them. If you are unable to obtain the exact information, please contact Beston. We have more than 20 years of export experience. The carbonization furnace has been exported to many countries, including Ghana, Turkey, Cameroon, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, India and so on.

The machine for making charcoal is generally built on a brick foundation, so you should prepare a suitable space for the main furnace before you build the charcoal kiln. Beston batch carbonization furnace has the advantage of saving space. The intermittent carbonization furnace is small in size and adopts an integral hoisting method. Once the equipment reaches the destination, it can be started by simple installation. Of course, the continuous carbonization furnace occupies a larger area, but it has the advantage of high working efficiency.

Charcoal Kiln for Sale Installed in China
Charcoal Kiln Installed in China
Charcoal Kiln for Sale Installed in India
Brick Installation Site in India
Charcoal Kiln for Sale Installed in Ghana
Charcoal Production in Ghana

The next step is to choose suitable charcoal kiln manufacturers and suppliers. The quality of carbonization furnaces on the international market is not well recognized. Buying a carbonization furnace with ISO quality certification will save you time and effort for comparison. Beston carbonization furnace and the full set of carbon production technology have passed ISO quality certification and environmental management system certification, you can buy with confidence. Please see more activities on Instagram.

After the charcoal kiln construction, it comes to the installation part. Overseas carbonization furnace suppliers can provide higher technology and preferential prices. If you are inconvenient to travel, Beston also intimately prepares an online guide installation service for you. Online guidance services are not limited by time and space. No matter when you encounter problems, Beston can solve them in time.

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