Reduce CO2 in the Atmosphere

Growing Potential of Biochar in Carbon Sink Business

In addition to its well-known soil-improving effects, biochar is of great potential in carbon sink business. Biochar can store carbon in a fixed form. The aim is to prevent carbon dioxide from organic matter from leaking into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Biochar … Read more

Useful Biochar

Application of Biochar for Soil Remediation and Improvement

Soil pollution can be caused by various forms of industrial activity, use of agrochemicals or improper waste disposal. The greatest concern associated with soil contamination is the harm it may cause to human health. Direct contact with contaminated soil, vapors from pollutants, and even secondary … Read more

Carbonization Technology in Sewage Sludge Reduction Solution

Carbonization Technology in Sewage Sludge Reduction Solution

Sewage sludge is a solid sediment produced in the sewage treatment process. Since the properties of various sludges vary greatly, their treatment and disposal are also different. It is understood that carbonization technology is a popular and effective sludge reduction treatment solution in recent years. … Read more

Pollution of Agricultural and Forestry Waste

Beston Agricultural and Forestry Waste Recycling Solution

The international community pays more and more attention to clean energy, ecological protection, circular economy, carbon neutrality, etc. At the same time, recycling agricultural and forestry wastes and reusing them has become a general consensus of all the countries in the world. In this way, … Read more

Beston Breaks Through Plastic Pyrolysis Technology

Breakthrough of Beston Plastic Pyrolysis Technology

“Plastic to Fuel” (PTF) is a world-recognized and effective technology for recycling waste plastics. Pyrolysis technology is a key factor in realizing plastic to fuel. However, wax in plastic pyrolysis has troubled the industry for a long time. Finally, in early 2022, Beston wax removal … Read more

Amazing Effects of Biochar

The Significance of Biochar in Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction

Global warming is an important issue facing today’s society. The application of biochar is a potential nature-based carbon sequestration solution. Using biochar to achieve carbon sequestration and emission reduction and improve soil fertility is a hot business today. Amazing Effects of Biochar Biomass Charcoal (BC) refers … Read more

cleanup banner

World Cleanup Day 2022 – Make Better Life

World Cleanup Day is an environmental event initiated by Ian Keenan of the international environmental organization in Australia. It is scheduled for the third weekend of September every year. It is now one of the most important environmental events in the world. Every year, more … Read more

Ozone day

2022 Ozone Layer Protection Day – Guarding the Earth Shield with Beston

Just as humans need sunblock, the Earth needs protection too. Earth’s sunscreen is called ozone. The ozone protects us and all life on Earth from the Sun’s harmful UV radiation which is high in the atmosphere and stratosphere. Commemorating the 1987 signing of the Montreal … Read more

How Do You Make Charcoal From Waste Materials?

If you want to turn waste into carbon, Beston biomass charcoal making machine can help you fulfill your wishes. It is a hot trend to use waste biomass to make charcoal. Next is the specific introduction of the charcoal making project. Steps to Make Charcoal … Read more

How Much Does A Pyrolysis Plant Cost

How Much Does A Pyrolysis Plant Cost?

The pyrolysis plant cost is from USD 29,000 to 75,000. This price range is based on Beston products. Below are more details to know how much does a pyrolysis plant cost. Factors That Influence Pyrolysis Plant Cost Firstly, please know that the pyrolysis plant cost … Read more

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