Egg Tray Making Machine to Indonesia

BTF4-4 Egg Tray Making Machine in Indonesia

In August, Beston delivered a BTF-4-4 egg tray making machine to Indonesia. It is equipped with a brick drying system. A few days ago, we received the test run videos from our customers. Due to COVID-19, our engineers can’t be on site for the installation. But we offered a detailed online installation guide and layout … Read more

BTF-1-3 Egg Tray Machine to Algeria

1000 psc/h Egg Tray Machine to Algeria

In 2020, Beston has an egg tray machine shipped to Algeria again. Along with that, there is also an integrated pulping system. Below are some pictures for you. In fact, Beston Machinery has exported and installed several egg tray making machines in Algeria in these years. Some are regular customers.

Shipping Egg Tray Machine to Colombia

BTF-1-4 Egg Tray Machine to Colombia

Recently, Beston has egg tray making machines shipped to different countries, including a BTF-1-4 machine to Colombia. Before delivery, we tested the empty machine to make sure it can work normally. Below are some videos and pictures for your reference. BTF-1 series is very suitable for small-scale investors, which is low-cost and low-risk. Besides, it … Read more

Pyrolysis Machine to Egypt

Pyrolysis Machine & Oil Distillation Machine to Egypt

Beston has a BLJ-16 pyrolysis machine shipped to Egypt. Along with the pyrolysis machine, there is also a set of 10-ton oil distillation equipment. Below are some shipping pictures. Beston Group Co., LTD. is a qualified pyrolysis equipment manufacturer, which has different models to choose from. In addition, we also offer the auxiliary equipment for pre-treatment … Read more

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine to Russia

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine to Russia

Beston has sawdust charcoal making machine shipped to Russia in April 2019. It is a BST-30 charcoal machine, which can process 2500 to 3000 kg of sawdust per hour. Below are some shipping pictures for your reference. Beston has various models of biochar equipment for sale, which can process 500 to 3,000 kg of raw … Read more

Shipping to Bolivia

Shipping Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia

Beston Machinery shipped a BTF-4-4 egg tray machine to Bolivia in July. It is not equipped with brick or metal dryer to lower the cost. Below are some pictures. Natural drying is suitable for small egg tray making machine, including BTF-1-3, BTF-1-4, BTF-3-4 and BTF-4-4. The output ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 pieces. It is … Read more

Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Russia

Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Russia

In July 2020, Beston Group Co., LTD. shipped an automatic egg tray machine to Russia. It employs a BTF-4-8 pulp molding machine, automatic metal drying system, and automatic packing system. This production line can make about 4,000 trays per hour, while only 5 workers are required. It is effective and very easy to operate. Below … Read more

Egg Tray Machine to Ghana

Egg Tray Machine to Ghana

A Beston egg tray machine was loaded In June 2020. It is a BTF-1-3 egg tray making machine for our customers from Ghana. This machine can make about 1,000 pieces of egg tray per hour. Below are some pictures for your reference. BTF-1-3 is the smallest egg tray machine from Beston. It is affordable and … Read more

Check on Site

Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Saudi Arabia

In 2018, customers from Saudi Arabia came to visit Beston Group Co., LTD. and the factory. Later on, they placed an order of our fully automatic egg tray making machine. In April of 2019, the products for them were prepared and they came again to check the whole production line. After that, we shipped the machine … Read more

Installation in Dominica

Egg Tray Making Machine in Dominica

Beston exported and installed two egg tray making machines in Dominica in 2018. Our engineers were there for installation. Below are some shipping pictures for your reference. Our engineer will be on site once your construction work is prepared. Below are the installation site in Dominica. As an experienced egg tray machine manufacturer, we will offer … Read more

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