Ship BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil

Ship BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine to Brazil in 2023

Recently, Beston Group ships a set of BST-50 charcoal making machine to Brazil smoothly. From the production of the machine to its final shipment, we maintain close communication with the Brazilian customer. This ensures that the machine’s delivery proceeds as planned. Below are some on-site … Read more

Trial Operation of 4 BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plants in the Netherlands

Installation of BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in the Netherlands in 2023

Recently, 4 sets of BLL-16 plastic pyrolysis plants have been basically installed in the Netherlands. We maintain active communication with the Dutch customer during the project. In addition, Beston Group technical team also goes to the customer’s site to provide technical guidance. With the support … Read more

Spanish Customer Received BST-50 Wood Charcoal Machine

BST-50 Wood Charcoal Making Machine Arrives at the Installation Site in Spain

Recently, a set of BST-50 wood charcoal making machine arrives at the installation site in Spain. We have communicated with the Spanish customer about the machine installation. After completing unloading, we will proceed with the project as planned. Our technical engineers will guide the installation … Read more

Beston BTF5-8 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Bolivia

Egg Tray Machine with Metal Drying Line Project Launches in Bolivia in 2023

Recently, Beston Group ships a set of BTF5-8 egg tray machine with metal drying line to Bolivia smoothly. This Bolivian customer is a practitioner in the egg tray machine industry. This customer thinks that Beston’s fully automatic machine can help expand the production scale. The … Read more

Installation of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine in Indonesia

Install Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine in Indonesia in 2023

Recently, a set of Beston BST-10 coconut shell charcoal machine is successfully shipped to Indonesia from Qingdao Port. After the customer in Indonesia receives the machine, the customer confirms the installation time with us. Subsequently, Beston’s technical team goes to Indonesia for installation guidance. In … Read more

Install Beston BST-50 Straw Charcoal Machine in Croatia

Beston Launches Biomass Pyrolysis Project in Croatia in 2023

In 2023, we reach a biomass pyrolysis project cooperation with a customer from Croatia. Currently, a set of BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant is in the installation stage. The customer orders this machine to process straws to obtain biochar and combustible gas. When the machine enters … Read more

Ship BST-05Pro Biochar Production Equipment to Sweden in 2023

Ship BST-05Pro Biochar Production Equipment to Sweden in 2023

Good news! Beston Group reaches a cooperation agreement with a customer from Sweden for biochar production equipment in 2023. The machine model is BST-05Pro, featuring a skid-mounted design. The machine is sent out from Qingdao port on July 21, 2023. After nearly two months of … Read more

BLJ-16 Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Machine Ship to Libya

Beston Launches Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Project in Libya in 2023

A Libyan customer orders a set of BLJ-16 oil sludge pyrolysis plant from Beston Group in 2023. Currently, the project is in the delivery and transportation phase of the machine. This customer uses the machine to process oil sludge to get high-quality pyrolysis oil. When … Read more

Shipping BST-50 Biomass Charcoal Making Machine to Thailand

Shipping BST-50 Biomass Charcoal Making Machine to Thailand

Recently, a set of BST-50 biomass charcoal making machine has been shipped to Thailand. The Thailand customer finds Beston Group through a Google search. Impressed by our products, the customer finally orders this machine to recycle biomass and produce charcoal to lower fuel costs. Now let’s learn about … Read more

BST-10 Sewage Sludge Carbonization Machine to Serbia

BST-10 Sewage Sludge Carbonization Machine to Serbia

To reduce the pollution of sewage sludge and improve the quality of soil, Serbia customers invest in BST-10 carbonization machine. A few days ago, Beston shipped BST-10 sewage sludge carbonization machine to Serbia successfully. Beston Group and Serbia customers both feel confident in the successful … Read more

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