Can You Get Money for Recycling Tires?

Can you get money from recycling tires? The answer could turn out to be yes. So how can recycle tires for cash? Actually, there is more than one way, for example, government subsidies, selling things made from recycled tires, etc. Keep reading for more details.

Government Subsidies

It is estimated that more than 250,000,000 tires are thrown away annually. What’s worse, it is non-bio-degradable to consume valued space in landfills and it is harmful to the underground water, soil, etc. In addition, the landfill sites in many countries and areas have been worn out. So it is urgent to reduce waste tires in an eco-friendly way. That’s why some governments have a policy or financial support for tyre recycling. For example, the South African government imposed a levy of $223.20/ton, plus a 14% value-added tax for new tires for recycling. And they also offer subsidies to investors to set up and run a tire recycling plant. We had three tyre pyrolysis plants installed in South Africa in the past years. Except for South Africa, we also have successful cases in the UK, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Jordan, etc.

Tire Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa
Tire Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa
Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in UK
Waste Tyre Recycling Plant in the UK
Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Romania
Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Romania

Products Made From Recycled Tyres

Selling products made from recycled tire should be the main part of the tire recycling business profit. What can you get from recycling tires? Steel wire (8-15%), carbon black (30-35%), pyrolysis oil (35-45%) and combustible gas (8-15%). You can sell these products directly or you can reprocess these products for a higher value.

Oil from Scrap Tyres
Oil from Scrap Tyres
Carbon Black
Carbon Black
Steel Wire
Steel Wire

End Products Proportion Applications
Pyrolysis oil 35-45% 1. Sell directly

2. Reprocessed into diesel or gasoline by oil distillation machine

3. Use as fuel directly

Carbon Black 30-35% 1. Sell directly

2. Reprocessed into high-quality carbon by carbon black grinding machine

3. Making carbon brick by briquetting equipment

Steel Wire


8-15% 1. Sell directly

2. Making steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing

Combustible Gas 8-15% Alternative fuel to heat the reactor (self-sufficient pyrolysis process)

1.The tyre pyrolysis oil after distilling can be used in industries such as steel, iron and boiler factories, ceramics, power, chemical industries.
2.The carbon black is used as construction material or low-grade fuel, or as filler in the rubber industry, paints and coatings, ink production and other industrial applications.

Application of Fuel Oil
Application of Pyrolysis Oil
Carbon Black Uses
Carbon Black Uses
More than that, the tire recycling plant is good for the environment. So you may get old tires or rubber products at a low price or free to lower your cost. That is to say, you can definitely recycle tires for cash while saving the planet.

How Do You Make Money By Recycling Tires?

As mentioned above, you can sell the things made from used tires. Below is a picture of the cost and output analysis of a tire pyrolysis plant that Beston Group provides to customers. It takes BLJ-16 tire pyrolysis system with two reactors for example.

Items Consume Price (RMB) Input Per Day (RMB) Remark
Labor Force 5 workers*2batch 200 /worker 2,000
Power Consumption 40 KW * 2 * 18H 1.2 / KWH 1,730 (18H)
Fuel 0.4 Ton*2 4,000 /Ton 3,200 Diesel fuel
Raw Material 16 Ton*2 500 /Ton 16,000
Other 3,000
Total 25,930
Items Output Price (RMB) Output Per Day (RMB) Remark
Pyrolysis Oil 32 * 40% 2,500 /Ton 32,000
Steel Wire 32 * 15% 1,500 /Ton 7,200
Carbon Black 32 * 35% 500 /Ton 5,600
Total 44,800
Profit 18,870
Monthly Profit 377,400 20 days

Note: This table is not accurate enough for reference purposes only.

Also, we have different models of pyrolysis plant for sale. If you want more details, please contact Beston now.

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