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BTF6-8 Pulp Molding Machine Shipped to Morocco in 2023

Here comes the delivery news! Beston Group successfully shipped a set of BTF6-8 pulp molding machine to Morocco in 2023. This model of machine can produce 6000-7000 pieces of egg cartons per hour continuously. It was the high-output and efficient production that made this Moroccan customer choose this machine. After the customer receives the machine, it will be officially put into installation. Please read on for more information on this project in Morocco.Beston BTF6-8 Pulp Molding Machine Shipped to Morocco in 2023

Details of Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Morocco in 2023

In the early stages, our project consultants first understood the needs of the Moroccan customer. This customer hoped to automatically produce large batches of egg cartons. At the same time, he wanted the drying of the end product to be efficient and environmentally friendly. Therefore, we recommended the model BTF-6-8 to him. At the same time, this machine also comes with a metal drying line. Below is the specific information and delivery pictures of this project for your reference.

  • Model: BTF6-8 egg carton making machine;
  • Capacity: 6000-7000 pieces/h;
  • Forming Mould Quantity: 48;
  • Raw Material: waste paper;
  • End Product: egg cartons;
  • Drying Method:multi-layer metal drying;
  • Installation Method: on-site guidance and installation.

Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Morocco in 2023

Industries Suitable for Investing in Pulp Molding Equipment in Morocco

As poultry farming expands in Morocco, so does the need for egg transport protection. In addition, there is a growing global demand for environmentally friendly packaging. The traditional packaging industry needs transformation. Therefore, pulp molding equipment has become an ideal solution for the poultry farming and packaging industry in Morocco.

Poultry Breeding

For the main products of poultry farming, egg trays or egg cartons are essential during transportation. Investing in a machine can cut out the cost of outsourcing these products. In addition, egg trays or egg cartons can also be sold to surrounding farms. This can expand the product system for the poultry farming industry.

Packaging Manufacturing

In addition to egg packaging, Beston Group offers a variety of solutions for pulp packaging production. These products include coffee trays, fruit trays, industrial packaging, and more. This provides new options for eco-friendly industrial transformation in the packaging industry.

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Get A Customized Industrial Packaging Solution

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Through pulp molding machine, Beston Group provides solutions for converting waste paper resources into valuable products. If you also want to increase your income in an eco-friendly way, leave your contact information. We will provide suitable solutions based on your needs.

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