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BTF4-4 Semi Automatic Egg Tray Maker to Ghana

Good day! Here we’d like to introduce BTF4-4 semi-automatic egg tray maker shipped to Ghana on October 13, 2021.

A Full Set of Semi Automatic Egg Tray Maker to Ghana
A Full Set of Semi Automatic Egg Tray Maker to Ghana

More Details About BTF4-4 Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine to Ghana

After the guidance and suggestions of Beston sales consultants, the Ghanaian customer chose the BTF4-4 semi automatic egg tray machine for sale. When using this equipment, the Ghanaian customer needed to build a brick drying room. During drying, Ghanaian customers can use a conveyor belt to automatically dry the wet trays. While the finishing work after drying need to be done manually. This equipment can produce about 2500 egg trays per hour. The entire egg tray machine is carefully packed by Beston workers before loading. What’s more, our engineers will run the empty egg tray maker to ensure it’s in a good condition.

Shipping Pictures and Videos of BTF4-4 Semi Automatic Egg Tray Maker to Ghana

BTF4-4 Egg Tray Maker to Ghana
Shipment of BTF4-4 to Ghana
BTF4-4 Semi Automatic Egg Tray Maker at Factory


Beston egg tray machines are widely used in Ghana. At present, our BTF1-4, BTF1-4 and other models have been put into use in Ghana for more than two years, and have received good feedback from customers. They said that the paper egg tray making machine runs stable these years. It not only makes profit, but also improved the ecological environment. If you also want to invest in an egg tray machine to produce egg trays from waste paper, please contact us immediately.

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