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BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine Operated in Indonesia

Beston BTF4-4 egg tray machine was installed in Indonesia successfully. We received feedback video about their working site. We can see from the video that this machine was working efficiently. Our customers’ business is successful.

BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine Installed in Indonesia
BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine Installed in Indonesia

Feedback Video of BTF4-4 in Indonesia

Project Details of BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine in Indonesia

  • Model: BTF4-4;
  • Output: 2200-2500pcs/h;
  • Drying method: build brick drying room
  • Paper consumption: 212kg/h;
  • Labor force: 4-6.

Customers’ Comment on BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine

“My brothers and I are very happy with this machine. With this machine, we see a lot of egg trays turned into money every day. If there is something we don’t understand when using it, we will communicate in the WeChat group, and the Beston team can always help in a timely manner.  Thank you, Beston!”

Advantages of Making Egg Trays in Indonesia

There is huge demand for egg trays in Indonesia. What’s more, paper egg tray is replacing plastic package gradually. Beston egg tray equipment takes waste paper and waste as raw materials, which can save production costs greatly.

Beston provides after-sales support to customers. No matter what problems you encounter in the subsequent use process, we can solve them for you as soon as possible. We support flexible online and offline communication methods.

Every once in a while, Beston will return to customers and pay attention to their experience. Customer feedback is an effective way to drive our progress. If you’re planing to start egg tray making busines, please contact Beston to assist you!

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