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BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine Delivered to Congo

Beston exported BTF1-3 manual egg tray machine to Congo at the beginning of Janurary 2023. The egg tray equipment is expected to arrive in Congo at February 2023. This customer choose Beston because this brand is famous and egg tray machine price is fair. Below are more details about this project.

BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine Delivered to Congo
BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine Delivered to Congo

Basic Information of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine to Congo

  • Model: BTF1-3;
  • Raw material: waste paper;
  • Souce: purchased;
  • Final product: 30 cavity egg tray;
  • Application of product: for sale.

Advantages of Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine

Beston manual egg tray machine is the best choice for egg tray business beginners, investors with smaller capacity requirement and investors with less budget. BTF1-3 can make 800-1000 pieces of egg trays per hour. This capacity is enough to supply a small farm. Selling these egg trays to surrounding chicken farms is also good choice. Manual egg tray machines can bring considerable benefits to customers due to their lower prices and quick returns.

BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine
BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine to Congo
Egg Tray Molds to Congo

Why Customers Choose Beston as Egg Tray Machine Supplier?

Affordable Price

The price of Beston egg tray machine is very fair in the same industry. Because every egg tray machine you see is manufactured from Beston factory, which covers more than 16000㎡ anf owns more than 300 skillfu employees. Beston promises factory derect sale egg tray machine prices. Except for the price of the machine itself, customers do not need to pay other fees.

Brand Infulence

As the world’s leading egg tray making machine suppliers, Beston Group exports hundreds of egg tray machines every year. Our exported egg tray machines have been successfully installed in Africa, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. This is also an important reason why Congolese customers choose Beston: Beston Group has strong brand influence and good customer feedback.

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