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BTF-1-4 Egg Tray Machine to Colombia

Recently, Beston has egg tray making machines shipped to different countries, including a BTF-1-4 machine to Colombia. Before delivery, we tested the empty machine to make sure it can work normally. Below are some videos and pictures for your reference.

Shipping Egg Tray Machine to Colombia
Pulper to Colombia
Egg Tray Machine to Colombia

BTF-1 series is very suitable for small-scale investors, which is low-cost and low-risk. Besides, it is feasible to dry the trays under the sun to lower the cost. More than that, Beston has a multilingual team, including English, Russia, Spanish, etc. to save your time and money in communication. So if you want to set up egg tray or egg carton manufacturing business, welcome to contact Beston for help.

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