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BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Equipment to Spain

Congratulations! Beston batch charcoal making equipment shipped to Spain on July 2021.

BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Equipment to Spain
BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Equipment to Spain

Shipping Details of BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Equipment to Spain

This carbonization opportunity was sent from Beston Henan to Spain. Next, I will show you the details of the biochar equipment in the Beston factory. Before delivery, the workers will carefully check the delivery list, and use the hoisting method to load the complete set of equipment on the truck.

Spanish customers were unable to come to the Beston factory for on-site inspections due to the epidemic, so Beston specially launched an online factory tour event. If you are interested in our carbonization machine, please contact us immediately to arrange an online visit for you. More importantly, Beston engineers can guide and assist Spanish customers to install the charcoal making equipment online. This convenient way of communication not only saves time and energy for both parties but also improves work efficiency.

BST-J40 at Beston Factory
BST-J40 Shipped to Spain
Shipping Details of BST-J40

Spanish customers use this biomass carbonization machine to convert pig hair into carbon. This equipment can process about 40 tons of pig hair per day.

Beston carbonization machine can process a variety of raw materials, including agricultural and forestry waste, sludge, household garbage and so on. If you want to use solid waste to make carbon, please contact Beston Company immediately. We provide you with the most suitable business plan.

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