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BST-50 Wood Charcoal Making Machine Arrives at the Installation Site in Spain

Recently, a set of BST-50 wood charcoal making machine arrives at the installation site in Spain. We have communicated with the Spanish customer about the machine installation. After completing unloading, we will proceed with the project as planned. Our technical engineers will guide the installation on site. Below are some photos from the site. If you’re interested in this project in Spain, please read on.
Spanish Customer Received BST-50 Wood Charcoal Machine

Basic Information on Beston Charcoal Making Machine in Spain

  • Model: BST-50 wood charcoal making machine;
  • Capacity: 5 tons per hour;
  • Raw material: olive wood high moisture and large size;
  • Source of raw material: customer’s biomass yard;
  • Requirement of end product: high-quality biochar;
  • Use of end product: for sale/carbon credit trading;
  • Additional accessories: drying system/condensing system;
  • Shipping time: June 11, 2023.
BST-50 Wood Charcoal Making Machine Arrived at the Installation Site in Spain
BST-50 Carbonization Furnace in Spain
Beston BST-50 Wood Charcoal Machine at the Installation Site in Spain

Why This Spanish Customer Chooses to Cooperate with Beston Group

Achieving long-term success for customers has always been our service mission. Therefore, throughout the course of the project, we have maintained continuous communication with our Spanish client. We inquire about the reason for choosing Beston Group as a partner and receive the following response.

Good Reviews from Spanish Customers
We sincerely thank this Spanish customer for his high evaluation. If you also want to become a partner with Beston Group, welcome to consult us!

Biochar Production – A Good Choice to Enter Carbon Credit Trading Platform

The Spanish customer expects to obtain high-quality biochar through our biochar production equipment. In this way, this customer can qualify for certification on the carbon credit platform for trading. Today, an increasing number of customers are profiting from carbon credit trading by producing biochar.

What are Carbon Credits in Biochar Production?

Carbon credits are emissions reduced through certified environmental projects. These emissions are measurable and verifiable. Biochar sequestering carbon in soil can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biochar production must adhere to a strict set of criteria in order to be verified by a third-party agency.

How Do Carbon Credits Work?

Carbon credits can be traded on the carbon removal platform. The platform sets emission limits for each company. If the company doesn’t exceed its cap, it will have excess carbon credits. The company can sell these carbon credits on a carbon removal platform. But if a company exceeds its limit, it can turn to the carbon market to purchase the carbon credits it needs.

What are Carbon Credits in Biochar Production

Contact Us for Your Green Solutions

Beston wood charcoal making machine provides customers with sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, biochar allows customers to earn considerable income, whether sold directly or through carbon credit trading. If you have an interest in biomass recycling projects, kindly provide your contact information, and our project consultants will promptly reach out to you.


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