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BST-50 Straw Charcoal Machine Shipped to Croatia

Beston shipped BST-50 straw charcoal making machine to Croatia at the end of Feburary 2023. Beston Group offers a perfect straw charcoal making solution for Croatia customers. Croatia is a country with a rich history of using charcoal for various purposes, such as heating, cooking, and metallurgy. We believe this project will earn a success soon.

BST-50 Straw Charcoal Machine Shipped to Croatia
BST-50 Straw Charcoal Machine Shipped to Croatia

Project Details about BST-50 Straw Charcoal Making Machine in Croatia

Basic Information about Straw Charcoal Making Machine to Croatia

  • Raw material: straw bales;
  • Source of material: purchased locally;
  • Final product: biochar;
  • Application of final product: biochar briquette as fuel;
  • Configuration: BST-50 charcoal making machine with crusher and briquette machine.
  • Installation: on-site installation;

Cooperation Details of Straw Charcoal Making Project in Croatia

Croatian customers started this project because they could easily get abundant raw materials. Making biochar from waste straw is a highly sustainable project in Croatia. In addition, the combustible gas produced in the process of making carbonized straw can be transported to other sites of customers to heat boilers. Overall, the use of straw biochar is a project that kills three birds with one stone:

  1. Recycling local discarded straw to improve waste utilization rate;
  2. Produce biochar and sell it to obtain economic benefits;
  3. Use combustible gas to heat boilers in another project to save fuel consumption.

Straw Charcoal Making Machine to Croatia

Advantages of Making Straw Charcoal in Croatia

Abundant Straw

Croatia is an agricultural country with a significant amount of straw produced every year. The use of straw to make charcoal is a sustainable and eco-friendly option as it reduces waste and makes use of natural resource.

Availability of Suitable Terrain

Croatia has several terrains suitable for the production of charcoal, including hilly and mountainous areas. These terrains are ideal for setting up small or large charcoal manufacturing equipment using straw.

Proximity to Markets

Croatia’s location in Europe means that it is close to several markets for charcoal, including neighboring countries such as Slovenia, Italy, and Hungary. This proximity makes it easier to transport charcoal to these markets and sell it at competitive prices.

Traditional Knowledge and Skills

Croatia has a long history of using charcoal for various purposes, and many traditional knowledge and skills have been passed down through generations. This knowledge and expertise make it easier to set up and operate charcoal production units using straw.

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